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Why are Norwegian Mail Order Brides so Popular?

Many singles from all over the world would be happy to meet a girl from Norway. Indeed, these women stand out from other European girls. Norwegian girls are a perfect combination of outstanding beauty and hot temper. There is also a historical background that makes them so desirable. Scandinavian warriors took the most beautiful women back to Norway while ravaging other lands. In Medieval times, there were few witch hunts in Norway. They ended with about 90 burned women. In continental Europe, to the contrary, around 40,000 women were burned or tortured to death. In those times, justice was also biased. Women could be blamed for their beauty since the devil seduced men with the help of outstanding girls. In comparison to continental Europe, Norway has preserved a lot more genetically successful females. Here are the reasons why everyone wants Norwegian women:

Natural Beauty

Why are Norwegian women so beautiful? Due to the good genetic pool, Norwegians, especially women, bear a very distinctive appearance:

  • Blonde or light hair and blue eyes. A Major part of women in Norway is blondes, with blue, grey or green eyes. They have delicate, thin, proportional noses, small cheeks, and puffy lips. A typical girl in Norway has perfect soft skin.
  • Natural or no make-up. Unlike most of the European brides who spend hours creating their faces, the Norwegian ones do not. They do not even need to wear make-up to be attractive. If there are any powders or lipstick, everything will look very natural.

Hot Complexion

Female Beauty standards make Nordic girls do fitness or go to the gym. There is not such a problem as obesity with most women. They all try to look fit no matter how old they are, what is their job and lifestyle. By the way, most of the girls try to lead a healthy lifestyle. They are slim, though curvy. You can also find thick fit women who gain muscle mass.

World’s leading economy and high living standards

Norway is the second wealthiest country in the world. It has incredibly high living standards. It means Norwegian women have all the available resources to maintain their natural beauty. They age well so that you can find a woman in her 40s looking like a 25-year old hottie. norwegian girls

Why Are Norwegian Mail Order Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

Although Norwegian brides are self-sufficient and persistent, they still would like to feel loved and love their men. There are a few reasons why they would like to find an international partner:

  1. The lack of men. According to the statistics, there are far more women in Northern Europe than men. Therefore, Norwegian girls are ready to date foreigners and create international families;
  2. Common values. In Norway, women share the liberal values that are popular among men from the US, Canada, and Western Europe. If you start dating a Norwegian, you will not feel like you speak different languages. Instead, your worldview is highly likely to be identical;
  3. Knowledge of English. This reason might be not the most popular one, but still, Norwegian ladies are well-educated in terms of foreign languages, so you will not have any barrier in communication. This is a huge plus when getting to know a person from another cultural background.

Does dating Norwegian women sound even more appealing to you now? If your answer is ‘It does’, let’s get to know the traits of Norwegian girls better.

What are Norwegian Brides Like?

Besides stunning beauty, Norwegian women can offer a lot. They are polite and well-mannered. Norwegian mail-order brides also dress well due to the right style perception. They know how to emphasize their strengths.

They are smart

Norway girls have a very high educational level, higher than in continental Europe, Ukraine, or Russia. The woman of your dream will give you good advice in a difficult situation. She will not become a drama queen either since she can evaluate herself critically.

They are good wives

They are taught to take care of themselves. They efficiently do household chores like cooking, washing, cleaning, repairing something, etc.

They are family-oriented

Norwegians were struggling with a harsh North climate for centuries. It forced them to appreciate family values since a close-knit family was the only way to survive. People got used to treating their soulmates and families like a treasure. That is why your Norwegian girl will always try her best to surround you with the care and warmth of her loving soul.

They prefer an active lifestyle

A Norway girl has money to travel, do sports, spend time in theatres, museums, cinemas, and restaurants. If you like spending time outdoors, hiking, rock climbing, surfing, and other healthy activities, you can easily find a lot in common with many girls from Norway. Sure, not all of them climb a 90-degree cliff. But generally, they would love to spend their free time somewhere in public or nature.

They are independent and confident

Statistics show that the numbers of employed men and women in Norway are equal. It means women tend to earn for their living, thus being financially independent. They prefer a balanced relationship as well. A Norwegian woman will not be afraid to assert her rights and defend her opinion. She will not be as obedient as a Russian bride. You will have to consider her anyway if you want to be with her. She will be respectful of your opinion, your hobbies, and your private space. But she will expect the same from you. A lot of women in Norway are feminists as well. They will never let you exploit themselves.

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Where can you meet single Norwegian ladies?

There are lots of places on the internet where you can meet, date, and marry Norwegian women. You can visit numerous dedicated dating websites, where you need to create an account and find a girl. A lot of them specialize in Norwegian women, mainly so that all the female users are from Norway. These services are relatively cheap, and you will typically pay a monthly commission for using a website. There are also marriage agencies that unite people around the globe. These agencies find you mail order brides, offer translation services. For instance, some agencies organize tours to a country of their specialization. For example, after you spend some time dating a Norwegian woman, you can arrange a meeting, and the agency will provide a translator or a tour guide. On these websites, online dating is much more expensive. You will have to pay for chatting, video messages, photos, etc.

How to find a Reliable Norwegian Dating Website?

Hundreds of niche dating websites mean there is a chance of fraud. You should follow these steps to protect yourself against scammy websites:

  • Always register a different email address on these websites. Do not use your working one or one linked to financial data, e-wallets, etc. It is vital in case your email is hacked. If it is a separate address, it will turn out to be useless for hackers.
  • Always read the terms and conditions carefully. If the website warrants you 100% marriage or requires too much sensitive information, this is a bad sign.
  • Be aware of the websites where hot girls bombard you with seductive messages. It usually happens on PPL websites where only men have to pay for chatting. There is a high chance that women on these websites earn a commission for every paid message you send them.
  • Avoid websites with short or uncertain operating history.
  • Do not share sensitive information with brides on dating websites.
  • Do not send money to ladies until you meet them in person.

norwegian brides What is a reliable dating site then? Here are the traits of a reputable service:

  • It has a proven success history. For instance, a website demonstrates that it is a platform where people regularly marry. It operates for 10-20 years, and you can easily find evidence.
  • It has a fair, transparent pricing policy. For instance, both male and female users pay the commission. You can easily compare membership plans and decide what suits your goals better.
  • A website has a robust anti-scam system and applies real measures against fraud. For example, it bans suspicious profiles and requires identity verification.

5 Tips on Dating a Norwegian Girl

Here are the tips on dating Norwegian brides online:

  1. Make your profile look good. On dating websites, users usually fill in questionnaires about their interests, hobbies, physical parameters, job, etc. Approach it with diligence. If there is a self-description field, write the truth about yourself. Make your description detailed. Upload good-quality photos of yourself.
  2. Be sincere. Sincere people always make a good impression. She will be comfortable with you if you are who you claim to be.
  3. Show your interest. Ask about your woman’s life, thoughts, and interests. Be attentive and learn more about the things she loves. Thus, you will always be able to maintain a conversation. You will feel confident since you will never make an uneasy silence take place. Knowing that you show genuine interest in her, she will be sincere with you and do the same for you.
  4. B respectful. Accept her decisions and let her be alone when she needs it. Respect her hobbies, her time, and her private space. Consider her opinion and never impose your views. Mutual respect is the most crucial part of any relationship.
  5. Decide on meeting and entertainment with her. Express your ideas about the time you want to spend together and listen to her carefully. Make sure both of you are satisfied with the upcoming meeting. It will also be better if you decide on bills together. A man should pay for her lady on the first appointment. But what if the lady always pays her way? To avoid awkwardness, discuss it before the meeting.

The Verdict

Norwegian women are beautiful and charming. They become perfect wives for their perfect husbands. You can find your soulmate on numerous dating websites thanks to the thriving dating industry popular around the globe. Be a sincere, loving, caring person, and you will melt your Norway girl’s heart. We wish you good luck!

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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