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danish girls Are they similar to Andersen’s Mermaid or his Snow Queen? How to conquer them and make them want you? In our review, we will reveal the answers to these questions so that you can start dating right away.

Why Danish Women Are so Popular?

They look perfect

The appearance of Danish girls never goes unnoticed by the foreigners who come to the country. The most popular type of women’s features is blonde hair and gray or blue eyes. Local women are also tall and have a slim shape of the body. Their features of a face are subtle and also contribute to their overall beauty. Danish brides have a good sense of fashion when it comes to clothes. They are interested in fashion trends and enjoy wearing designer outfits but still, they prefer comfort over fashion for their everyday life. You will not see them wearing high heels and fancy dresses at work but if there is an occasion for such a look, they will wear it with dignity.

They have a nice temper

Although there is a stereotypical opinion about North ladies and their cold character, that is not true. She may seem a bit detached if you try to talk to her on the street or while she is having lunch alone but once you are in the relationship, she will show you how loving and caring she can be. Women of Denmark are very polite, accommodating, and friendly, so you will not regret having such a partner in your life.

They value family bonds

Most of Danish mail order brides have been raised in full and caring families where relatives respect and love each other. Thus, ladies from Denmark aim to create the same families once they find their beloved ones. Remember, they are not used to getting married in their early 20s, so if you want your wife to be very young, it is probably not the case with Danish ladies. They prefer creating a family later but still, it is one of their priorities in life. Once you get married and have a small kid, your Danish partner will dedicate a lot of her time to family and will limit her working hours. However, you should not expect her to leave the job entirely. Instead, she will work less and when her maternity leave is over, she would still spend her evenings and weekends with family, trying to find the balance between her work and personal life. danish women

Why Are Danish Mail Order Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

One of the reasons explaining why a Danish girl might start searching for a foreign guy is that she loves trying everything new. Probably, she’s got tired of reserved local men and desires to meet someone who’ll become a breath of fresh air for her. This woman has reached all the goals she planned to achieve, and now it’s time to concentrate on something that differs from her world. Denmark is one of the richest countries, and people have fantastic professional opportunities here. While guys work on their career growth, single local girls are searching for potential partners. It’s worth mentioning that many Danish successful men aren’t going to propose to their girlfriends at all, so females decide to get acquainted with guys from abroad. A girl from this category hopes to meet a foreign man who would have the same interests as she has – relationships and family. The Kingdom of Denmark is small in size, and that’s why many women extend the field of search for potential partners. If a local girl figures out that all her efforts to build relationships were in vain, she doesn’t give up. She begins to pick a partner among guys from abroad.

What are Danish Brides Like?

They are intelligent

Education is one of the most popular investments of the Danish people. From a young age, they provide their kids with the opportunity to study and learn new things to raise well-developed personalities. In Denmark, women love to read and continue learning even when they are out of the university classroom. This is what makes them qualified workers and interesting persons to be around.

They are persistent

Persistence and ability to achieve the goals is the feature of Danish brides that is inculcated as love for studying from childhood. They know that they have good career opportunities in Denmark and understand that they need to fulfill their potential while working. To do that, they work hard and learn constantly, becoming more demanded professionals in their fields of expertise.

They are energetic

Danish women have a passion for trying new things and learn how processes are conducted. They are eager to start doing a hobby that they never tried before and meeting new people. In the beginning, you may think they are not open to strangers (which is true) but still, they enjoy communicating with people and networking on career-related events.

They know how to make friends for life

Although Danish people are not willing to speak with strangers on the street and prefer meeting new people at the places they visit often (e.g., working place, the company of friends, etc.), they know how to make friends for a long time. They value support, trust, and sincerity in others and can offer it to a person who is close to them, so you will hardly ever regret having such a friend, even if you fail to find a wife in Denmark.

Where you can meet Danish Brides?

As we noted earlier, you may not be successful in approaching a Danish lady on the street. They prefer to communicate with the same groups of people for a long time, and you will have more chances to meet her on occasion related to her career or hobby than by chance. But what to do if you do not live in Denmark but want to meet a Danish girl? Online dating platforms have become popular among people who like to meet a person from another country for a relationship or marriage. With the help of such websites, you can start a conversation with a lady who is interested in getting to know a foreigner for dating. Thus, you don’t need to spend money on traveling to Denmark and time to find a girl there. Also, on a dating website, you can chat with several girls at a time until you find the one who is the most tempting to you.

How to find a Reliable Danish Dating Website?

To understand whether a certain website is reliable, you have to check a few points before you sign up to it: danish brides

  1. Testimonials. The first thing that will tell you whether to trust certain services or not is reviews on various websites. Don’t rely on those that are listed on the dating websites: there will be 99% positive testimonials that will tell you little about the quality of the service.
  2. A price list. First, you should be able to find a clear list of services and prices. Don’t register on the platform that hides its rates and doesn’t list what it provides openly. Second, make sure that you have compared the price list to other dating websites. It should not be the most expensive or the cheapest. Prices have to be fair and services should be various, e.g. video calls, voice calls, emails, online chats.
  3. Payment methods and customer security. Pay attention to the system that makes transactions from your credit card and whether a dating platform states it protects your personal data and does not share it with other parties. To know about this and other guarantees a dating website provides, read its Terms of Use section, privacy rules or guarantees page if there is such on the website.
  4. Availability of different means of communication. A limited quantity of the ways you can reach out to your potential Danish mail order bride should cause doubts on whether to trust the website or not. Remember, you can make sure that the person you talk to is real only if you can see and hear them.
  5. User-friendliness. A dating website should be easy to understand from the first time you visited it. It should not have a complicated registration process or a lot of pop-up ads. Connecting with the Support Team also should be simple, e.g. through a small window at the corner of your screen.

Tips on Dating a Danish Girl

  1. Don’t brag about your income and job. Danish women consider it normal when men work and make money. In fact, they do it, too. Therefore showing your importance and wealth will not impress her.
  2. Don’t try to look too trendy. Especially if you are not into fashion very much. Wearing classy or casual clothes will be enough for the Danish girl to like you.
  3. Be tidy. Make sure your clothes and shoes are clear before you arrive on the date or at the party. Clean hair and nails may seem to be trivia for you but ladies always notice such little things and remember them. You will not have a second chance to make the first impression.
  4. Become her friend first. Danish women rarely meet with strangers and start dating them with an open heart, therefore it will be better if your communication will be like friends first. Let her have the time to get to know you before jumping into something serious.
  5. Don’t lie. Are you looking for a one-night stand? It’s worth letting her know before you do it. No one likes to be fooled and if she looks for a steady relationship, better find another girl.
  6. Don’t be pushy. The last but not least thing to keep in mind is that Danish girls are shyer than others in Europe, so be patient and let her open to you gradually. Such an approach will pay off.

The Verdict

Online dating can seem to be confusing if you have never tried it before, but we tried to make it look easier for you with this guide. Now it’s time to search for the Danish online dating platform and put our pieces of advice into action. Once you do it, don’t forget to share your experience with us, we would appreciate your feedback. Good luck!

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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