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Over 100 million Vietnamese live in the world. Vietnam is a multinational country with more than fifty ethnic groups. Along with other peoples of Southeast Asia, the Vietnamese have an admixture of the Australoid race. At various times, the territory of present-day Vietnam was ruled by Chinese, Japanese, and French conquerors. The USA waged war in Vietnam from 1965 to 1973. The mixture of different types of blood partially explains that contemporary Vietnamese women are so beautiful and unique.

Who Are Vietnamese Women?

vietnamese women

The Vietnamese are considered one of the most beautiful nations on Earth. Vietnamese ladies take part in various beauty contests every year and often rank in the top ten. If we compare Vietnamese women, for example, with females from Japan or Thailand, then Vietnamese ladies are usually taller and slender. Also, they have more feminine body forms, which are emphasized by the Vietnamese national costume, which is called “ao dai.” 

Vietnamese women have extraordinary grace and elegance. They can give a step ahead to any European beauty. In addition to the right proportions of faces, their attractive appearance depends on physical and mental health. When Vietnamese women are getting older, their appearance changes only slightly, unless, of course, they have significant health problems or need to do a hard physical job. Overweight women are an infrequent occurrence in Vietnam.

These white-toothed girls with big eyes and delicate fair skin are always ready to smile at a man. Hot Vietnamese women are well aware of their beauty and carefully cherish it. Not a single self-respecting Vietnamese woman will go out under the blazing sun without a headdress and appropriate clothes protecting her body. Every hot Vietnamese girl cherishes and takes care of her fair skin. Europeans who spend hours on the beaches to get a chocolate tan are viewed as mad people in Vietnam.

Why Do Vietnamese Girls Want To Date Foreign Men?

Vietnamese ladies, especially beautiful ones, have no problems with meeting men. Vietnamese women seeking men can slow down when they walk along the street or stop in a crowded place as if they want to look around. In this way, they attract the attention of men. If some girls walk quickly and purposefully, this means that they do not intend to meet someone at the moment. 

During an extensive and comprehensive integration of Vietnam in the world community, the image of an intelligent and energetic Vietnamese woman always leaves a good impression in the eyes of foreigners who live and work in Vietnam. Most contemporary Vietnamese girls quickly make contact with foreigners. All single Vietnamese ladies strive to establish serious relationships with men from developed countries, and their final goal is marriage and having children.

These lovely and fragile ladies want love, care, and wealthy life. Not all local men can offer this. As for marriage, all single Vietnamese ladies take this issue seriously. Traditionally, both a foreign man and a Vietnamese girl get along with each other for several years. If during this time everything suits everyone, then a wedding celebration is organized. Therefore, Vietnamese families are strong, and the divorce rate is not high in this country.

Main Features of Vietnamese Women

vietnamese girls

Vietnamese women are very traditional, conservative, and family-oriented. Of course, there are exceptions, as with any similar issue. In terms of mentality, Vietnamese women, especially those who live in the northern part of the country, are closer to Chinese women. When you first meet Vietnamese girls for marriage, it may seem to you that you hear the same surname. It is not a trick of the ear: about 40% of Vietnamese women have Nguyễn as a family name, and 11% — Trần.

It is challenging to find an ordinary body lotion or cream in Vietnamese shops. All face and body products have a whitening effect. In the streets of Vietnam, you can meet many couples of single Vietnamese women and European men. Nowadays, many Western men marry Vietnamese brides who become unpretentious and always smiling life partners. Besides, these women are perfect housekeepers. Many Americans and Europeans can only dream of living with such wives.

Vietnamese women for marriage are usually cheerful and easy-going. You can notice that hot Vietnamese chicks are always smiling, but this does not mean they can smile only when they feel fine. They may smile even when they are upset or even depressed. However, they will never show that they are offended or insulted by something. It is customary to speak softly and respectfully, and this tradition is almost always followed throughout Vietnam.

Vietnamese women are strong and hard-working. They cope with a massive number of tasks while doing their job, raising children, and homemaking. These women always remain cheerful, so their husbands are definitely lucky. Kind nature and willingness to help of Vietnamese women also should be noted. In any situation, local women are ready to give a helping hand, even if they understand you poorly. The responsiveness and kindness of locals are the main reasons why foreigners love this country.

Previously, black teeth were considered a symbol of beauty among Vietnamese women. Blackening of teeth was a common tradition in South Asia. After the 1920s, painting teeth in black remained mainly in rural areas and among some national minorities of Vietnam. The concept of beauty changes over time. For instance, French officers, who lived in Vietnam at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, admitted that European men were gradually getting used to shiny black teeth and finally found such Vietnamese women beautiful.

What Are The Benefits Of Marrying a Vietnamese Bride? 

The Confucian worldview has a significant influence on the overall relationship in Vietnamese families. Seniors are respected, and gender roles are clearly defined in families. Men are dominating in families. Along with the husband, adult sons, if they are still living with their parents, have to provide material prosperity. Old traditions and patriarchal norms relegated Vietnamese women to secondary status. However, a woman is an authority because she maintains order in the house and tells all family members what to do.

When you meet a Vietnamese woman for marriage, you should be ready to marry her entire family. It applies more responsibility and financial assistance to her family members. Hence, you have to make sure that your Vietnamese bride comes from a decent family to avoid significant expenses. However, this issue has some advantages. Family ties can be your primary assets. Close relationships with locals will definitely help you with doing business you might not be able to do otherwise. It is always helpful to know local people you can trust, especially in Vietnam.

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How Can You Meet Vietnamese Girls?

If you are in Vietnam, you might have difficulties meeting beautiful girls. It is not easy to identify them because many Vietnamese women hide their bodies and faces. Yet, Vietnamese ladies often wear such wide-brimmed hats that the girl’s eyes cannot be seen. Their clothes cover arms and legs entirely to protect skin from ultraviolet. On their hands, they have gloves and thin nylon socks on the legs. If a girl rides a bike, widespread transport means in this country, her face is always hidden behind multi-colored masks.

Vietnamese women use all these masks, bandanas, and respirators primarily not for dust but sunburn. In this country, you can easily approach a girl you like and talk to her. Whenever a girl gets your attention, do not be afraid to walk up to her and say hello. A situation when you will be outright rejected or ridiculed is hardly possible in Vietnam. The worst thing that can happen is that the woman politely refuses to talk to you. In this case, you can simply approach another girl.

A much better way of meeting a Vietnam girl for marriage is using international dating websites. You can do it in advance while being in your home country. After registering and browsing many photo albums, you can interact with selected Vietnamese mail order brides. It is a surefire method to compile a list of single Vietnamese ladies you can meet in this country. Thus, you will not need to waste precious time getting acquainted with many local girls to choose some of them.

vietnamese brides

Essential Tips on Dating Vietnamese Women

Dating Vietnamese women is not very different from the rest of the world. However, there are some peculiarities. You can meet beautiful Vietnamese girls in shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, and karaoke bars. It is essential to immediately understand that the girl who is next to you is not pursuing material gain. Therefore, invite her to a café or pub to comfortably talk to your Vietnamese mail order bride and know her true intentions. Here are some tips to keep in mind while dating her:

  1. Punctuality is not a national trait in Vietnam. If you appoint a date with a Vietnamese girl, she will most likely be late. If she promises you to do something tomorrow, then the promise’s fulfillment will most likely be postponed indefinitely.
  2. Do not bring up the topic of sex in the early stages of knowing Vietnamese girls. This is not America, where you can talk about anything even on the first date. If the hot Vietnamese girl is ready to go to the place where you stayed after the first date, she has probably done it many times before.
  3. On the very first date, a hot Viet girl may immediately ask how old you are, whether you are married, and how much you earn. It is considered a norm to start a conversation in this country in this way. The point is that Vietnamese women believe that such questions show a sincere interest in the interlocutor’s personality.
  4. Vietnamese girls avoid saying “no.” If you offer something to a Vietnamese girl, then most likely, you will receive from her a positive response, head nodding, and a sweet smile. But this does not mean that the girl will act accordingly. Therefore, you should carefully monitor her body language to understand what to expect from your Vietnamese girlfriend.

The Verdict

Vietnamese girls can be considered the most beautiful women in Asia. Besides their pleasant appearance, they undoubtedly possess many qualities that make them excellent wives and life partners. Any Vietnamese girl dreams of marrying a single foreign man. She will keep on trying to do everything possible for his happiness. Many American and European men have already managed to find a Vietnamese wife. These men can share only positive moments from their personal lives.


Do Vietnamese Girls Like American Men?

Yes, they do. Most young Vietnamese women consider American guys to be the standard of male beauty and the best option for starting a family.

Do Vietnamese Women Speak English?

At present, most Vietnamese women speak English pretty well. They learn this language in educational institutions and use it in real life. Besides, some of them know French, Chinese, Thai, and other languages.

What Is The Best Website To Meet Vietnamese Girls?

Many male users consider VietnamCupid the most convenient dating platform. On this site, you can find a lot of top-notch Vietnamese mail order brides and have an excellent opportunity to chat with them.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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