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An In-depth Guide to Dating Malaysian Women

Over the decades, the popularity of Asian women has been rapidly increasing. Among the most popular of them are Malaysian women. The popularity of these females comes as a result of their ability to showcase traits which western men yearn for in their partners. Malaysian brides know how to take care of the home and their partners. This guide will go into more detail about Malaysian girls.

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Why are Malaysian Women So Popular?

Western men are fawning over Malaysian beauties because they are a breath of fresh air. Malaysian women enjoy a lot of liberties that other Asian women do not enjoy. Also, these women have won a lot of international beauty pageants. Moreover, a lot of beautiful actresses and models hail from Malaysia. Here are the reasons why Malaysian women are popular.

Malaysian women are beautiful

Malaysian women are simply gorgeous. Just by setting your eyes on them, you can see the difference between them and European women. Malaysian women also take good care of their skin. Malaysian girls love to dress well in clothes that highlight their slender figures. Even the most conservative of Malaysian brides will always look elegant even when they wear clothes that cover most of their body.

Malaysian women have family values

Respect for family values is interwoven into the fabric of Malaysian tradition. From a young age, Malaysian girls are taught to value their family members. Also, their upbringing focuses on preparing them for marriage and family life. Moreover, most Malaysian families have a lot of kids. So, the responsibility of taking care of the children falls to the female members of the family. As a result, Malaysian girls learn how to take care of children very early in life.

Malaysian women are secretive

In Malaysian culture, it is considered an act of betrayal to divulge information told in confidence to another person. Therefore, Malaysian women try as much as possible not to share secrets. If you are dating a Malaysian woman, you can take solace in the fact that your secrets are safe with your wife. You do not have to worry about your Malaysian bride blurting everything out in the wrong company of friends. This level of trust helps to foster your relationship with a Malaysian girl.

Malaysian women are loving

Malaysian women love unconditionally. This love is shown to everybody they consider to be part of their family. If you are worried about your children growing up in a home that lacks love, your Malaysian bride will put that worry to rest.

Malaysian women have a good sense of humor

A Malaysian girl will rarely frown at your ‘dry jokes’. As far as the joke is in the appropriate fun sector, she will have a good laugh. However, Malaysian women are careful when joking to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. Also, your Malaysian bride will curtail her participation in the discussion depending on the company.

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What are Malaysian Brides Like?

A common misconception by western men is the fact that all Asian women look similar. This myth is not only ignorant, it is completely false. Malaysian brides look different from their Asian contemporaries in a lot of facets.

Malaysian brides look gorgeous

Malaysian brides are some of the most attractive women on the Asian continent. The reason for this beauty is that they combine traits from aboriginal, Chinese and South Asians. This makes Malaysian women stand out among other Asian women.

Malaysian girls have round faces. They have long eyelashes that are quite pronounced. They do not need plastic surgeries like other Asian girls. Also, Malaysian girls have long hair that flows down to their backs. More so, the fact that they smile most of the time adds to their beauty.

They have great bodies

Malaysian women have gorgeous and slender shapes. The average height of most Malaysian brides is 150cm. Also, their metabolism makes it easy for them to always stay in shape. Malaysian brides can lose a lot of weight within a short period. This is not often necessary yet because they lead a healthy lifestyle and also maintain a pristine diet.

Malaysian brides are conservative

Malaysia is a country that has a lot of traditions which are based on strict religious practices. Some Malaysian brides do not take their religious practices to the extreme. Others do not joke with any dictate of their religion.

Malaysian brides are always happy

The general demeanor of a Malaysian bride is that of a happy child. Whenever you see a Malaysian girl, she always wears a charming smile. This positive demeanor rubs off on anyone around Malaysian women. With time, you will find out that you are smiling quite often.

Where can you meet Malaysian Brides?

Malaysia is a popular destination for tourists from the west. This country is one of the modernized countries in that part of the world. Consequently, it is quite easy to find an English-speaking Malaysian bride during your travels. However, outside the urban areas, the level of exposure of the Malaysian brides starts to decrease. Also, you are vulnerable to criminal activities.

Therefore, a good way to meet Malaysian women for marriage without leaving your home is by using Malaysian dating sites. Most of these Malaysian dating sites focus on providing a platform for the interaction between Malaysian mail order brides and their potential suitors. With the help of the Malaysian dating sites, you can contact as many single Malaysian women as possible without leaving your home.

How to find a Reliable Malaysian Dating Website?

Safety on the internet is paramount in any activity. A lot of dating sites take advantage of careless and clueless victims. If you are not careful, you can fall victim to some internet scams. Therefore, it is important to highlight the ways through which you can find a reliable Malaysian dating website. Here are some of the vital pointers on detecting reliable Malaysian dating websites:

  • Search for as many Malaysian mail order brides sites as you can find
  • Read the reviews of the users on the service they offer.
  • Register on the Malaysian dating sites that have the best reviews.
  • A reliable dating site should have a security badge and the latest encryption method
  • Create a profile on multiple Malaysian dating sites and stay active.
  • Contact as many Malaysian mail order brides as possible
  • Read the terms and conditions of use
  • Compare the pricing and check for hidden costs
  • Make sure that the Malaysian woman you are chatting with has a verified profile
  • Use additional features like video calls to further communication
  • Good sites always have a round-the-clock support team
  • Make use of translation services to communicate fluently with your potential Malaysian bride.

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5 Tips on Dating a Malaysian Girl

Dating Malaysian girls is an entirely different ball game from dating women from the west. Foreign men find it difficult to understand Malaysian girls in the early stages. They just don’t know how to handle and approach them. These are some of the important tips that will help your relationship with a Malaysian girl flourish:

  1. Do not bring up controversial topics. Topics related to politics, religion and other social values should be avoided in conversation. Malaysian have a lot of varying beliefs on these things. Also, they are devout in their religion. So, anything you might say that contradicts their religious or cultural belief will only sour the mood.
  2. Do not go all out on the first date. When you are out with a Malaysian woman on the first date, you should try to lay back and give her the chance to loosen up. You cannot come out immediately to tell her that you want to marry her. This will only scare her away. You should take your time when you are dating a Malaysian bride. Because of their conservative values, it takes them some time to open up.
  3. Participate in cultural practices. You can take part in some of the numerous festivals and religious celebrations. These events are always full of good people and great food. They will help you know your Malaysian mail order bride better.
  4. Pay her some attention. Do not try to steal the show when you are on a date. Ask her about her life. Compliment her dressing and try to point out something good that will let her know that you are paying attention to her. If you decide to show your machismo and talk all night, your Malaysian bride will just assume that you are no different from other men from her country.
  5. Gossiping is not a good idea. Do not try to talk about other people’s business. Your Malaysian bride will assume that you cannot keep secrets.


Malaysian women make the perfect mail order brides for men from western countries. Malaysian brides possess the necessary values that make for a great wife. Also, they look very attractive even deep into late adulthood. If you are convinced that you want to marry a Malaysian wife, you should hurry and register to a Malaysian mail order brides site right away.