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Who Are the Unforgettable Spanish Women?

The most popular Spanish girls characteristics include the following traits:

Passionate lovers

If we were to name only one Spanish woman feature that men from all over the world like the most, it would be their passion and intensity of love expressed in the relationship. Spaniard girls are genuine in their feelings, be they positive or negative at the moment, and they never hide them from their partners. They give all of them to their men, and that’s why foreigners want to date them and start a family together.

Good friends

The loyalty and reliability that beautiful Spanish women can offer to those they love do not go unnoticed, so they have many friends during their lifetime. They do not leave their friends in trouble and always support them despite what other people say. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable partner who will be your friend as well, consider dating a Spanish girl.

Dedicated workers

Another social role that beautiful women of Spain deal with well is being good workers. They work a lot, they love their jobs and put all their efforts into becoming the best in their fields of expertise. Laziness is not their feature at all.

Top Reasons Why Spanish Girls Want to Date Foreign Men

They want to live a stable life

First of all, hot Spanish girls want their life to be easy and comfortable. Therefore, they don’t want to marry Spanish men who are windy and unreliable. Spanish brides aim at creating a strong family where all members love and support each other instead of thinking only about themselves.

They are looking for men with a calm temper

Second of all, hot Spanish women are looking for grounded and reliable men oriented on creating a long-term bond. They don’t want to have a relationship like a roller-coaster where partners go through constant emotional changes. Instead, they want to have a stable relationship where both partners are loyal, loved, and cared about.

They are just curious

Some Spanish brides decide to date foreigners because they are curious about other cultures, traditions, and lifestyles. They want to experience them on their own by dating a person with an international background. Thus, they explore the countries where their partners come from, learn foreign languages, and become more flexible and understanding of differences between nations. Children who grow up in such diverse families become unbiased individuals who value and respect people from all walks of life.

spanish bride

Spanish Women’s Top Features

They are beautiful

The first Spanish women feature we’d like to emphasize is their outer beauty: dark heavy hair, tanned skin, deep brown to black eyes, and sexy shapes. Spanish mail order brides never stay out of the men’s attention since they have not only an attractive appearance but also a beautiful and passionate soul. The combination of outer beauty and inner fire makes men forget other women quickly.

They are fun

The second thing that does not go unnoticed in any hot Spanish girl is the ability to have fun with no restrictions. These girls are ready to join any activities and games to spend time with their partners or in a big company of friends. Every Spanish bride can ride a roller-coaster and a horse during the same date without any doubts and she will encourage you to do the same. If you are ready for an extreme pastime, feel free to start dating Spanish woman.

They are smart

We cannot hide it: in Spain mail order brides are very smart and well-educated. Quality education and high intellect are among the things that Spanish people value a lot, so local families do their best to develop their kids’ minds. From a young age, girls and boys in Spain are encouraged to read, analyze notions and events, compare and contrast things to understand their differences and similarities. Those who like doing research even continue their studies in universities after college.

As a result, we can see a nation of quite intelligent people who know what they want from life. Due to this, every hot Spanish woman sets goals and works hard to achieve them while having a bright social life. If you want to have the same vibrant life too, consider dating a Spain girl.

They are sexy

Have you noticed how many times we’ve mentioned the single Spanish ladies hotness? They are some of the most sexually attractive women in Europe for a reason: they have toned bodies, distinctive butts, and magnificently beautiful faces. What more can men ask for?

They are spiritual

As you might have heard, Spain is a Catholic country. Local people believe in God, attend church often, and celebrate the majority of Christian holidays. Therefore, you have to respect this Spanish women’s feature since religion is very important to them. If you are also Catholic, you will have no trouble finding a common language with a Spaniard woman.

Why is a Spanish Woman the Best Marriage Material?

She is kind

Being a good partner implies being a good friend who can give a piece of advice, accept your point of view, and respect your choices. Every girl in Spain knows how to be such a partner: they are kind, attentive, and respectful to their boyfriends. They are cheerful and positive despite all the life problems they happen to deal with, and that’s why men from all over the world appreciate them.

She is supportive

Every girl in Spain knows that support is one of the keys to a happy relationship and family life so they do their best to stand for their husbands. If you are looking for a wife who will not judge you for your thoughts or actions but consider them worth respect, you need to try dating and get married to a Spanish beautiful woman. She will be your partner in crime and a shoulder to cry on for years.

She adores kids

Children are very loved and respected in Spanish society, and that’s why local families usually have many kids. If you think that every beautiful Spanish woman is selfish, you are wrong: all Spanish women adore children. They know how to spend quality time with them, develop their speaking and physical skills, and teach them different activities from riding a bike to painting.

What Are The Ways to Meet Spanish Girls?

Since Spanish women are very open and friendly to strangers, you will have no trouble meeting them. You can do it wherever you’d like: on the streets of Madrid or Barcelona, on the beach or while drinking a cocktail at the local bar.

All you need to do to meet a Spanish woman is just start small talk with her with a smile. Remember to have a positive attitude when coming up to a girl to create the right impression. Tell her a sophisticated compliment, ask her whether she is free tonight, and where she’d like to hang out with you. Don’t be afraid of rejection though: you are not a $100 bill that everyone likes.

Besides offline options, you can try meeting Spanish women online. There are a few dating sites that are very popular for dating in Spain, so feel free to make use of them: Tinder, Badoo,, The mentioned platforms have a wide active audience, so you will not have any problems with meeting girls there.

spanish girls

Dating in Spain: Local Culture And Dating Tips

You might be surprised but in Spain beautiful women usually make the first move towards new acquaintances. Although Spanish people are equally flirtatious and expressive when it comes to relationships, local women are more open to strangers than women from Italy, Portugal, or Andorra. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about your chances of picking a girl in Spain.

The dating culture is pretty liberal there: you don’t need to be filthy rich or too creative to date Spanish women. All it takes to conquer a Spanish bride is just your positive attitude and active behavior since men are expected to be initiators of dates and pay for them in Spain. Splitting the bill on a date is rare, yet your girlfriend may not be offended if you suggest it: Spanish women are okay with paying for themselves.

Below you can find the top Spanish dating tips list that you can use if you want to enhance your chances of starting a relationship with a Spaniard girl:

  • Be ready for her late arrivals on dates. First of all, remember that Spanish people are not good at time management. Therefore, your potential partners are likely to arrive on a date 15-30 minutes later than the appointed time. Accept this and don’t get mad at your date for lateness;
  • Dress up. Spanish women pay a lot of attention to their looks and expect the same of men. Thus, picking outfits for your dates with care to impress your potential girlfriend will be a smart decision (keep in mind that your clothes should be appropriate to the situation though);
  • Demonstrate your feelings. Showing affection and feelings is encouraged in Spain, so feel free to be straightforward when dating local girls. Express your thoughts and emotions openly and politely at the same time to win extra points in the eyes of your Spanish woman;
  • Feel free to talk about intimacy. Spanish people are not shy when it comes to discussing sexual bonds, so you don’t have to beat around the bush trying to explain your desire to have sex with your partner. Speak openly on this issue to avoid misunderstanding and disappointment;
  • Meet her family when things are getting serious. If your intentions are certain, don’t postpone the meeting with your partner’s parents. Invite them for dinner and introduce yourself so that they could see your feelings to their daughter.

The Verdict

As you can see, dating a Spanish girl is easier than it seems at the first sight. You only need to know the peculiarities of the local dating culture and Spanish women features to understand how to behave with them. Once you finish reading this guide, read a few frequently asked questions below, and register on dating apps we mentioned earlier. Fill out your profile and start chatting with women you meet there. We bet you will meet your soulmate soon!


Do Spanish Girls Like American Men?

Yes, Spanish women are open and friendly towards American men. They consider them as liberal partners who can share their family and parenting duties with no hesitation. Also, Spanish women think that American men are smart and handsome. 

Do Spanish Women Speak English?

While English is not widely spoken in Spain, many young people from this country can speak it well: English is taught in schools and colleges on a decent level. Also, Spanish women often travel to other countries for professional and touristic purposes, so knowledge of English is a must for them nowadays.

What Is The Best Site To Meet Spanish Brides?

Since the world is not yet open for traveling due to the pandemic, the best place where you can spot young Spanish women is the Internet. We suggest that you use dating platforms for e-meeting new female users.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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