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Cuban Brides Portrait and Why You Should Date Them

cuban brides

Cuban women are known worldwide for their passionate temper, sexy attitude, beautiful bodies, and inner fire. These women live in a different community and are roughly speaking ‘from a different planet. Nonetheless, this fact only strengthens male interest. If we could outline only three truths about Cuban girls, these would be the following: 

  • They are the most caring mothers and wives in the world.
  • They are the cutest and impossible to be mad at, even if you fight with them.
  • They are open to new experiences and rather open-minded, despite their conservative values.

This is an absolute minimum we could tell you about Cuban women. Below, we will explain all the benefits of marrying a Cuban girl. 

Are Cuban Girls Searching for a Foreign Husband?

Single Cuban women love the idea of marrying a man from abroad. Several reasons make them give up on local men:

  1. Machismo cult. Cuba is one of those countries where male and female roles differ quite a lot. For example, a so-called ‘machismo cult’ grants men a privilege and more rights. They feel free to flirt with other women and even do more, even though they have a family. On the other hand, women are bound to become housekeepers and raise kids with their partner’s minimum help. This horrible scenario is no longer acceptable for Cuban women; thus, they seek a relationship abroad. 
  2. Cuba is not the best place to live. As a tourist, you may find Cuba exotic and spectacular. However, things are pretty different from how we see them: Cuba is stuck in the ’50s, the Internet is a rare thing there, and the communist regime is a nightmare. People in Cuba barely earn any money. Even though they have free education and healthcare, this is nothing compared to a perspective to live a free life in a market economy and thrive. All in all, Cuban women dream of leaving the country, and accomplishing this is easier in an international marriage. 

Some Features of Cuban Bride

They adore male attention

It seems like Cuban girls are genuine attention lovers, just like ladies from Havana, Jamaica and Haiti. In fact, they love to dress up sometimes, put on some bright makeup, and they adore it when other people notice it. All men know that most women indeed get turned on by nice things that gentlemen say to them, but this is especially the case when we talk about hot Cuban girls. These cute girls value all the lovely little things that the partner says to them. If she has a bad day – a tiny compliment will cheer her up. Cuba ladies seek attention and praise as much as they need to breathe! 

Easy-going and understanding 

Once you meet a Cuban girl, you will immediately get along with her and instantly eliminate any second thoughts. Apart from their friendly, communicative nature, they are exceptional listeners and always keep their partner’s needs in mind. Besides, Cuban women believe that solving misunderstandings before they become critical is essential, and so they are always ready to talk, listen, and solve any kind of problem. 

cuban girls

They have a rich spectrum of emotions

While most women you will meet throughout your life are likely to take complete control over their emotions and restrain most emotions, the story is different with Cuban ladies. As most people know, girls in Cuba, the Bahamas, or Jamaica are pretty expressive and sometimes get dramatic. Perhaps, such a passionate temper and impulsivity are supported in the culture and inherited. Indeed, emotions are part of them and allow them to emphasize a current state, so why restrain them? Besides, such openness and impulsiveness prevent many problems from happening: as long as she demonstrates dissatisfaction right away, dating a Cuban woman is quite easy and pleasant. She tells you what is wrong, you find a solution together, and then you live happily ever after. 

Loyalty and zero secrecy

Loyalty is the top value. Cuban chicks are indeed chill; they are unlikely to be jealous for no reason or jump to conclusions as long as you don’t give her a reason not to trust you. Before you start dating a Cuban woman, keep in mind that she will not tolerate any secrecy. More specifically, it is better to tell your woman where and with whom you are about to hang out tonight. You are welcome to have friends, either male or female, go to the bar, have your hobbies, and so on. But if your bride discovers that you are hiding something, concealing the facts, not telling the names, or just keeping secrets whatsoever, she might get super upset. 

Why do Cuban Women Become the Best Wives?

Judging from a significant number of marriages between Cuban women and, for instance, American men, we can admit that Cuban girls are excellent life partners. Even though they are best at taking care of the house and kids, they manage to keep their ultimate passionate temper, look stunning, and stay forever young. They blossom with the time flow and make their man’s love become stronger and stronger year by year. Their magnetism and energy lights up everything and makes even the dullest days happy and joyful.

Places to Meet Cuban Brides


Havana is the top place to meet girls in Cuba, both at night and during the day. First, you may find plenty of nightclubs and bars in Old Havana: this is the central place in Havana to meet and pick up girls. During the day, you may visit Malecon or Vedado. Malecon is a perfect tourist destination with plenty of parties. Vedado is less popular among tourists, meaning that it offers a great opportunity to meet local ladies. Plus, this place has a lot of shopping centers and malls. 


Holguin is a large Cuban city famous for its mountains, long beaches, and overall fascinating landscape. Most importantly, Holguin got its popularity for Guardalavaca beach – the most beautiful beach in Cuba, where you can undeniably meet many Cuban females. After a long day at the beach, you can explore local bars in Holguin, where cocktails cost a dollar only.

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Varadero is a big resort town and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the whole Caribbean. Like other prominent cities in Cuba, it has a beach, fantastic nightlife, and offers plenty of activities. To get to know Cuban women, you can opt for going to some of the most popular nightclubs (House of Music, La Comparasita). Most local girls are open to foreigners and relatively easy to approach, especially if you show a friendly, respectful attitude.

Online Dating

Getting to know a woman from abroad can be somewhat complicated. Cuba is quite far from Europe; it might also be hard or expensive to reach for North American travelers. The good thing is, technology erases the borders. Whether you live in the US, Europe, Asia, or elsewhere, you have equal chances of meeting and dating Cuban women. More precisely, we are talking about online dating, which provides you with an opportunity to chat and meet with hot Cuban women. You can get a Cuban dating experience by installing a dating app and completing your profile description. Afterward, you may enjoy chatting or video calling with your matches. Matching works quite intuitively, so you will instantly grasp the idea. 

Of course, nothing can be compared to a real traveling experience that includes meeting the locals, tasting the food, and living through spectacular moments. But online dating is an excellent alternative, plus it saves you a lot of money and time. 

How to Date in Cuba: Tips and Cultural Peculiarities

cuban women

Once you find yourself in Cube or opt for online Cuban dating, you might need to keep several tips in mind. Knowing and using those tips goes a long way, so make sure you don’t miss out on them:

Show her the life outside Cuba

The sad truth is, most Cuban women are stuck in Cuba for quite a while.  Traveling is too expensive, plus the communist regime does not approve of it. Consequently, most people only know what life is like in Cuba and have no clue of what it looks like elsewhere. Offer your girlfriend to visit you; also, you may travel to Cuba and take her somewhere to Europe or North America. Seeing the world is something every hot Cuban woman dreams about! Dating a man who can make such a significant dream come true will make her forever grateful and empower her love. 

Do not lose a momentum 

Cuban women seek committed relationships and are pretty fast at making important life decisions. While most men and women in the US tend to take it super slow and date at least a couple of years before getting married, women in Cuba have a somewhat different mindset. Cuban women believe that a relationship should escalate quickly. They are ready for marriage after just a few months of dating. So if you chose to extend that honeymoon phase without making a bigger step, it might damage your relationship.

Be generous 

Paying for dinner is an excellent idea. Besides, you may show your generosity and kindness by giving her flowers or making other small surprises. It is very tough to earn good money in Cuba, so paying for your lady from time to time is a sign of affection and utter respect. 

Respect her family

It might be good if you cared not only for your woman but also her parents and siblings. You may ask for help or take part in their duties, for instance. You may also carefully find out if they are in need of something and kindly ask them if you can buy it for them. We do not mean anything expensive; Cuba’s financial situation is unfortunate, so every tiny contribution will count. 

The Verdict

The physical and inner beauty of a Cuban wife lies in her distinction from other women. If we compare any sexy Cuban girl to the American one, we’ll notice plenty of differences: values, attitude to family, upbringing, background. Despite such differences, they are most loyal, gentle, and feminine. They also have many intangible things to offer a man: honesty, love, dedication, support. So if you wish you had someone to share the sweetest moments of your life with - this is the time to try Cuban online dating.


Do Cuban Girls Like American Men?

Cuban brides easily fall in love with American guys. They assume, American men treat them right, give them the amount of attention they ask for, and simply know how to love them unconditionally. Plus, American men are usually more career-oriented and entrepreneurial, which hooks most Cuban women.

Do Cuban Women Speak English?

Most people in Cuba can speak only one language – Spanish. However, if you travel to large cities like Havana or Varadero, you will meet many local women who fluently speak English. Besides, it might help if you learn a few Spanish words and phrases to navigate the city better and make an impression on Cuban mail order brides. 

What Is The Best Site To Meet Cuban Brides?

To meet and date Cuban women for marriage, you just need to register an online dating account. A reliable site usually guarantees 100% data protection and offers you multiple useful features to enhance your dating experience. Just do some research, read testimonials, and select a site that suits your goals the most.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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