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The wealthiest countries in this region tend to be in the West, with most countries in the East still trying to recover from the effects of the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The abundance in the land cuts across almost every aspect of European life.

Europe has its fair share of gorgeous women, which is evident in the number of women who are proclaimed as the most beautiful at international beauty pageants. European women are a sight to behold, and making them your dream bride is a choice you will appreciate forever.

european brides for marriage

Why do European brides want to date foreign men?

Aside from the excitement of experiencing a different culture, accent, and the benefit of long-term dual citizenship, some endearing traits of foreign men interest European women. Foreign men are known to be simple, free-spirited, and more open-minded. These ladies generally feel that they will be treated favorably by foreigners.

European Brides Characteristics: The Top 5

European brides possess certain unique features, some of which may be uncommon to other women in general. It is, of course, a bonus to know that your chosen European bride possesses the following excellent features.

Stunning beauty

These women, as earlier mentioned, are a sight to behold. European brides are beautiful and can easily make a man fall head over heels in love. These women have attracted men from all over the world with their outstanding features. The ladies’ blonde hair, gray or blue eyes give them away, and men long for this outward beauty. Feel free to take a flight to Europe and experience all the sexy and captivating nature of European brides. Just one look at these hot European brides will entice you to bring one back home to your country.

Intelligent and well cultured

One of the fascinating attributes of European mail order brides is their sensibleness. If you need a well-educated woman with much respect for etiquette, find a European wife. European women are good at holding up light chitchats when necessary and are attractively friendly.


European women love self-development and independence. They do not believe in becoming just housewives. These ladies strive to achieve success by being innovative and diligent. European wives make the best spouses because they know how to balance work and family life in a way that pleases modern-day gentlemen. Many of them run their small businesses and like to work from home if necessary.

Encouraging partners

A European wife has a lot on her plate to offer her husband other than food and sex. Hot European brides can take care of the kids and still support their husbands in various ways. Indeed, these ladies do not always agree with their husbands on everything. Still, they prioritize the peace in the relationship by doing their best to sort out differences as quickly as possible. No wonder they are most sought after by men within and outside the European continent. Mail order European brides are genuinely one of a kind.

european wives

Devoted and resourceful

European women, in general, are reliable and resourceful. These women prioritize their families and remain loyal to their partners. European brides for marriage assist their spouses in coping with challenging situations in life. Although they may not have the solution to every single problem, rest assured your European bride will be with you all the way, providing the support and encouragement you need to keep going. These women can be financially independent and believe they can cater to the home as well as men. All of these do not stop them from being faithful partners.

European Dating Culture and Tips

European women have over the years set high standards when it comes to what they consider an ideal date and relationship. Here are some tips:

  • European women are particular about the first move. Countries like Switzerland have many reserved men who would not mind a woman making the first move on them. Other countries like Germany, France, Spain believe in the “hard to get” style. The women love to be wooed relentlessly even after the first rejection before accepting to go on any date. To some, a woman will easily scare off a man by showing interest too early.
  • Date hangouts. For most European ladies, getting entangled in a romantic relationship goes beyond a one-day walk or drink at a cafe. After a series of informal and formal outings, these women might start to see you as their date.
  • The valid date. European women love to dress reasonably and modestly for a romantic date. Being punctual is key to having access to subsequent dates. English women especially do not like to be kept waiting. These ladies love to be greeted and kissed on the cheek, unlike Americans that would not mind skipping etiquette and hooking up real quick with a kiss on the first date. These women love to be direct, and they pick their words carefully. Vulgarity is a turn-off for most women in Europe. Kindly keep up with exciting conversations as most of these women are sophisticated and would not appreciate mediocrity. But that’s not saying you should act like someone you are not.
  • They prefer financial equality. It is common practice for a man to pay for dates with women. European women have no courtesy demands, but some women may not mind settling the bills. A typical European wife would expect you to play gentleman even if her pocket can fully finance it. However, if she offers to pay the bill, do not insist that you do. Allowing your date to do so is a way of showing her you appreciate and respect her.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a European Bride?

A trip to the beautiful continent of Europe is a fun way of looking for a European bride. But since it’s a large territory, you might have first to decide what part of Europe you wish to get a bride because different cultures and languages exist on the continent.

On the other hand, these women readily become mail order European brides, and they can be found online on various dating sites. That’s the most convenient way to meet them as it is more affordable and offers many options. However, it is crucial to be sure of whom you meet online as many people are not who they claim to be on many of these sites.

Why are European brides so beautiful?

There are many justifications why European brides are so beautiful—ranging from genetics, makeovers, beauty treatments, etc. Here are some of the factors influencing their attractiveness, both inner and outer:

  • Genetics. European brides possess a genetic feature of sky blue or green eyes. Their oval faces, blonde hair, and soft skin are a part of what makes them so beautiful. Additionally, the body shapes of these brides are to die for. A photo of some of these lovely ladies will prove this.
  • Makeovers and beauty treatments. These ladies dignify their looks and enhance their natural beauty with some beauty products. European brides become conscious of makeover styles that suit them at an early age. Most of them grow up and adapt to the makeup lifestyle, according to which they do not leave their houses without giving themselves a “nude” makeover.
  • Their sense of style is marvelous. Many of these women are not extremely rich, but this does not stifle their ability to showcase their style and fashion sense. To them, looking good is good business, whether for a casual outing, going to the gym, or a business outing.
european wife

Why do European brides make the best wives?

There are many reasons why European brides for marriage are the perfect pick. European brides make very good wives. These women believe that the responsibility of the home is not to be shouldered by men alone. Their career-oriented nature helps them work and earn their own money.

The continent of Europe has a perfect sex orientation. Most people know what they want from sexual relationships and are outspoken about it. European women are not afraid of sex and are equipped with exciting skills that help spice up the relationship in ways beyond your imagination.

The ability of these ladies to work and make their money makes their dependence on men minimal. Most men are not drawn to women who seem entirely financially dependent on them, even if they love to spend and are willing to show how much they value their women. Having a wife from Europe is an ideal option if you like career-driven and independent women. However, there’s the possibility the women might want to exercise equal rights in the home since they actively contribute financially to its running.

How much does a European bride cost?

Whether it is about meeting the European mail order brides through online dating sites or by meeting them in any European country, you will spend quite a considerable sum from talking to them, taking them to dates, buying them tickets to either the United States or other regions to marry them. It is not a cheap process, but it is worth every bit of it.

Are you meeting them through a dating site? You will have to pay a membership fee to have access to any of these women. It can cost you up to a dollar or more to have a video chat session with them, but it is also worth it. Some men may want to pay extra fees for services like language translations, gift items, etc.

The actual cost for the wedding may differ depending on the location. It may cost about 2000 to 3000 dollars to get married in countries like Ukraine or others. Otherwise, you may decide to spend up to 30,000 dollars throwing a lavish wedding party for your European mail order bride.

Are European mail order brides legal?

Mail order bride services for relationships and marriage are common even in Russia, Belarus, etc. This system is legal and not at all against the law.

Where to meet European mail order brides?

International dating sites are the best places to meet mail-order European brides. There are many platforms with a proven track record. Are you living in a city in Europe? The chances of meeting a European lady in places like galleries, nightclubs, bars, and even in your area are almost 100%.

How to date a European bride?

First, European mail order brides take note of details and make their judgments based on them. While you may have an extensive view of profession and career growth, European brides prefer that you hold up to a conventional pattern of handling family. Second, when they meet with you online or offline, they seek commitment and not time-wasting relationships. These women yearn for a partner they can settle down with, so if that is your intention, you should go ahead to meet these European beauties. European brides love to be cared for too. These ladies may play the role of being independent, but they also need a man willing to assist them in random situations.

Do European brides speak English?

Generally, an average of 13% of Europeans speak English as their local language. Namely, almost 50% of the European population is English speaking. That gives the inference that many European brides can speak this international language depending on their place of origin.

What is the best site to meet European brides?

The best sites to meet European brides are those with good reviews, guaranteed security, and only genuine women profiles. It’s best to stick to using the most popular sites that have a long track record of user safety and privacy protection.

Do European women like American men?

Yes, they like American men. They believe that American men are not demanding or overbearing and do not discriminate against women. There is every possibility that the next European woman you talk to will consider having a relationship with you if she can sense your genuineness.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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