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The Image of a Typical Thai Bride

thai brides

Who are Thai women? Let’s describe a collective hot Thai girl:

  • She is feminine and traditional.
  • She loves cooking.
  • She has typical cute Asian face features like epicanthal folds and a tiny low nose.
  • She likes Americans.
  • She is super-loyal and affectionate.
  • She has a mild temper and good manners.

Why does such a woman like foreigners, and how to marry her? Check this out below.

Do Thai Brides Like Foreigners?

Let’s assume you are going to Thailand to date some hot girls. Will you succeed? The good news is that yes, you will.

Migration statistics say that Western men and Thailand women get along very well: around 80% of Thailand immigrants are women, while 90% of Thailand settlers are Western guys. In other words, men come to Thailand to marry the local women.

Thai women indeed love dating and, most importantly, marrying foreigners. Why does this happen then? Check it below:

American Charm

For many Thai brides, choosing an American man is a matter of taste. These women consider foreigners super-attractive, well-educated, well-mannered, and more successful overall. Indeed, for a Thai girl, an American guy seems to be an ideal husband who will love his wife to death, make money, and raise children together.

Thai Culture Promotes Foreigners

For many Thai girls, the American lifestyle equals success. They want to become a part of Western culture and thus search for foreign partners.

Meanwhile, American men dream of achieving family harmony with traditional Thai girls. Thus, American guys, tired of feminism, fall in love with super-traditional hot Thai ladies.

We have just mentioned general trends that explain the immense attraction between Thai women and foreign men. For now, let’s take a closer look at Thai women’s characteristics that make these girls irresistible in American men’s eyes.

Most Prominent Thai Mailorder Bride’s Characteristics

We have just mentioned general trends that explain the immense attraction between Thai women and foreign men. For now, let’s take a closer look at Thai women’s characteristics that make these girls irresistible in American men’s eyes.

Respect for Family Values

Let’s start with a Thailand family setup. First and foremost, Thai people value family unity much more than personal independence. Therefore, most young Thai people prefer to live with their parents while studying in the university and even after graduation.

thai girls

When a Thai couple marries, they usually move to one of their parents and raise children together. As a result, grandparents nurture babies while their parents earn money.

Thais don’t usually hire babysitters. Besides, Thailand’s economic conditions force young families to live with their parents rather than rent an apartment. Therefore, close-knit families become an efficient way to save money.

As a result, many Thai girls develop strong connections with their parents. After marriage, Thai women will project their loyalty onto their husbands.

Mild Temper

You may encounter sex workers (around two million) and transgender women in Thailand. If you meet a pushy, eccentric, flirty woman with bright makeup, it might be a trap. Such a woman may want you to pay her for sex. But most Thailand chicks are “normal” and thus will become your targets. How to detect them?

Usually, normal Thai girls will act like typical elegant, reserved, well-mannered Asian ladies. They have a mild temper, minimum aggression, and maximum politeness. Consequently, these women will become your ideal choice for a long-term relationship.

Natural Beauty

In Thailand, gentle thin figures, not without fit curves, are considered the most beautiful. Unlike in Brazil, Argentina, or Peru, prominent booties are far less common in Thailand.

Instead, Thai girls aim for super-proportional, sometimes petite, figures. Hot Thai girls’ cute, always-young faces also contribute to these trends. Indeed, huge tits and booties don’t usually suit petite faces.

Femininity is another common beauty trend in Thailand. In this country, women have typical feminine attributes like long hair, prominent eyelashes, seductive figures, and elegant outfits to emphasize their female nature. They don’t strive to appear more independent than they are. In other words, Thai women are comfortable with being tender and sensual.

Thailand Brides Qualities for a Healthy Marriage

Grown in traditional families, where fathers are unquestionable leaders, Thai girls are comfortable with traditional gender roles. Thus, if you offer a Thai woman to leave a job and take care of the house and children, she will agree.

This way, she will consider you a true leader who can maintain his family in all senses. Under no circumstances a Thai woman will consider your suggestion a threat to her independence.

Besides, a woman who doesn’t have an urge to compete with her man becomes an ideal wife. With such a woman, you can share duties without an argument and, most importantly, in your favor.

Therefore, it’s enough for you to earn money and bring them to your Thai woman. In return, she will do the housework, cook meals for you, and nurture your children. An ideal traditional family setup. If you aim for it, a hot Thai wife will become your perfect choice.

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Submissive and Fragile Asian Nature

Thai girls are far less aggressive in the relationship than non-Asian women. But there is a catch. While Thai women’s submissive nature may be beneficial for a peaceful family atmosphere, it might work against your relationship sometimes.

Most of the time, Thai girls will tolerate abuse, choking with bitter tears at night, not to wake you up. The bad news is that you may not realize you’re doing something wrong, which may deteriorate your relationship in the long run. Think of it:

  • Your woman does what you say.
  • Your woman does all the housework.
  • She always pleases you in bed.
  • She takes care of children.
  • She is an ideal wife.
  • Eventually, she pays little attention to her inner self, placing your desires over her personality.

So to preserve family harmony, support your woman not only with money but also with care and attention.

How to Meet Thailand Brides in a Minute?

Today, you may want to search for beautiful Thai women on dating sites. First and foremost, online dating involves much fewer risks for your budget and health. Thus, it allows you to:

  • Save money on bars, clubs, and restaurants.
  • Find as many Thai mail order wives as you will never meet in real life.
  • Make all your trips to Thailand successful and productive: find a Thai mail order bride and go for her to Thailand afterward.

The Best Advice on Dating Thai Women

thai women

Thailand’s dating rituals differ from such norms in the US, Europe, or Latin America. So you may want to discover some details about Thailand dating arena before visiting the country:

Avoid Bars and Nightclubs

Surprisingly, bars and nightclubs may not be the best places to approach a hot Thai lady because you will never know whether she is a sex worker or a regular visitor. Thus, you may want to find a Thai mailorder bride instead.

Public Affection is a Taboo

Thailand is a Buddhist country, where public display of affection might not be appropriate. You may think this is a kind of contradictory statement assuming high prostitution levels in the country. Yet, you have to admit that a hot Thailand girl may not let you kiss her in the middle of the crowded street.

Nonetheless, you may find a girl who will accept Western norms and allow you to kiss and hug her in public.

Online Dating is Trending

Thai singles prefer searching for love online rather than on the street. It’s cheaper, faster, safer, and more convenient in general. So you will have a high chance of meeting gorgeous Thai mailorder brides online.

What should you do to date a Thai girl then? Check these tips:

  • Rely on courtesy. So open the door for your woman, buy her flowers, pay for the restaurant dinner, and cherish her with compliments. Traditional girl’s heart melts once you apply chivalry.
  • Meet the parents as soon as possible since they might be protective.
  • Don’t expect to buy a Thai bride. The best thing you can do is develop the relationship naturally. Take it easy and let your sympathy run its course. Get to know your woman better before renting an apartment for her and giving her a monthly “wage.”

5 Signs that a Thai Bride Likes You

Understanding whether a Thai girl likes you is simple since she will:

  1. Touch you, lean toward you and smile at you with sparkling eyes.
  2. Show sincere interest in your persona. The girl will ask you about your ex relationships, hobbies, personality, etc.
  3. Text you often.
  4. Accept your gifts.
  5. Want you to meet her parents.

The Verdict

Thai women might become an ideal choice if you dream of a tender, polite, and submissive wife. We can say that Thai girls are exemplary women in terms of loyalty and marriage success. Most importantly, most of these girls dream of meeting foreign husbands. So, by all means, a Thai woman will become your best wife. So hesitate no more and find your Thai soulmate online.


Do Thai Girls Like American Men?

For Thai girls, living in the US is a dream. They believe that most foreign men are super-successful, well-mannered, well-educated, and super-polite toward women. Therefore, a Thai girl will consider her lucky if a foreigner likes her. Nonetheless, don’t expect to “buy” a woman. All you need to do is let the feelings develop naturally.

Do the Thai Women Speak English?

Most Thais have poor English skills. They might know elementary words like “hello,” “bye,” “thanks,” etc. You will better use a translation tool after arriving in Thailand.

What Is The Best Site To Meet Thai Brides?

The best dating site is a reputable one that offers a communication environment for a reasonable price and features a broad community.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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