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Why are Macedonian Mail Order Brides so Popular?

The number of women in this country prevails over the number of men. So, no wonder that they started to seek the husband abroad. That’s why men began to see their profiles on various websites and think of marrying them. Macedonian girls are Europeans, but with specific features in appearance.

Spiritual beauty

It’s the main reason for the Macedonia girls’ popularity. Not all men like exotic appearance, but these ladies can appeal to everyone. Having a beautiful girlfriend is a dream of most men. Due to lots of mixed marriages in the 20th century, all modern girls are different. They may have light or dark hair, light or medium complexion and appealing curves. You won’t meet a girl of medium height. All the girls are tall, and that’s why most of them started their career as models. Macedonian women care about themselves and look stunning even after childbirth.

Traditional mindset

Although Macedonia is Europe, the worldview here is far from liberal. It means that young girls are taught the traditional values of relationships and family. While young girls in the USA and other parts of Europe tend to start relationships at 13-14, ordinary Macedonia girls can have no experience even at 20 years. And there’s nothing terrible in it. Girls prefer to spend the youth on self-development and start dating adult, intelligent, and level-headed men. In most cases, dating Macedonian girl, you may be sure that she had nobody before you. They are also deeply religious persons. Christianity and Islam are two widespread religions. If you don’t like faithful ladies, Macedonian women aren’t for you.

Passion for the job

Macedonia is mainly an agricultural country, so young ladies aren’t afraid of work. The men adore this trait of character because they’re scared of girls who can only be freeloaders. Macedonian women work on an equal basis with men. If a woman chooses a definite career path, she does everything to achieve the goal. Macedonia women are ambitious, purposeful, and strong. They often rule big companies and corporations. But more often married girls are engaged in housework. On the other hand, Macedonian girls can change their lives at any moment. There have been many cases when successful business ladies gave up their career to devote themselves to husband and children.

The respect for husband

Every man wants to have an obedient wife. Macedonian girls grow up and live in a patriarchy, so they consider that the man rules the family and sometimes even their lives. They don’t aim at being strong and independent. It’s useless. On the contrary, Macedonian women prefer to have firm men’s shoulders to rely on. That’s why they don’t make scenes for no reason, don’t harass him with endless questions. Such a wife will thank the husband for all he does for the family and give love, care, and tenderness. macedonian girls

Why Are Macedonian Mail Order Brides Looking For a Foreign Husband?

While in many European countries patriarchy has been replaced by an equal status between men and women, in Macedonia, men are still the head of family not only in business and politics but also in relationships.  Therefore, Macedonian brides prefer to see foreign men rather than local ones. They find them more progressive and family-oriented. In addition to their modern lifestyle, Macedonian girls consider foreign men as supportive, caring, and gallant.  Most of the girls from Macedonia are fond of traveling. Wherever a typical Macedonian lady comes on vacation, her summer love may end up with a long-term commitment. And it’s not because of her carelessness or infantility. The point is, Macedonian girls take every new relationship seriously. Therefore, they treat their men with lots of love and care. Besides, they are great mothers and housekeepers, so they are in high demand among Western males.  International marriages are no longer considered as something weird or unique. More and more couples belong to different cultures but are still happy together and raise wonderful children. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with Macedonian ladies if you are interested in these beauties.

What are Macedonian Brides Like?

Marrying a girl is a responsible step. And attractive appearance has a secondary role in making a decision. There are lots of beautiful girls in the world, but not all of them are married. If your communication with potential fiancée isn’t so close and you want to know more about her character and behavior as a bride, here is the information for you.

Talented chefs

Any mother has to teach her daughter cooking. Macedonia women are truly good at this. European people tend to order the meals at restaurants or delivery services, but Macedonians adhere to traditional lifestyle. What can be better than a home-cooked meal? Macedonian cuisine is tasty by itself, and when loving hands cook it, the dish tastes so much better.

Faithful wives

The husband for Macedonia girl is everything. First of all, he is the closest person after her parents. Secondly, he’s the head of the family and father of her children. You won’t find a more loving and more loyal wife than Macedonian. These women know how to appreciate the happiness they have. Moreover, they even don’t imagine how it is possible to cheat on a husband or betray him.

Not obsessed with money

Men think that many girls seek to marry a foreigner to escape poverty. It’s not about Macedonia women. Money isn’t the center of the universe. Perhaps the girls from Macedonia are demanding. But all they require from a husband is respect, love, and care. Money and expensive gifts are outside of their interests. Especially since she can earn wealth by herself. All your friends will envy you because you’ve not just married a beautiful and pure woman, but you’ve found an invaluable treasure.

Where you can meet single Macedonian ladies?

Meeting people nowadays becomes hard. The men can’t find their second half among the girls of their nation. Not to mention the desire to acquaint with and marry a Macedonia girl. There’s hardly one man who’ll be ready to go to a foreign country, waste a lot of money and come back with nothing, as it usually happens. Now, people living in different parts of the world can easily keep in touch without the need to leave the house. Use dating websites to look through the profiles of Macedonian singles who want to find happiness.

How to find a Reliable Macedonian Dating Website?

The search for a good dating website can last long because the number of such services increases every day, and, unfortunately, not all of them are credible. It is wrong to think that online dating is ineffective. You should spend some time on testing several services and choose which one is the best for you. It’s necessary to pay attention to the number of users and their mindset. Most reliable services indicate the number of active users on the main page. A small membership base should make you think about the site’s reputation. macedonia girl Then your task is to clarify the goals. Some websites help single men to find a serious, long-term relationship as well as short, one-night stands. It’s also indicated in the description, so be attentive. Don’t use paid dating services – it’s not the guarantee that you’ll find a good woman. A lot of single Macedonia women register on free websites, so try free services first. As for the registration process, it shouldn’t take more than several minutes. If the site requires you to enter a lot of personal information, be sure there is a catch. Find the website reviews – it’s the easiest way to check the service.

5 Tips on Dating Macedonian Girl

Online communication doesn’t require efforts from men. The difficulties appear when he decides to ask the girl out on a date. Each nation has some peculiarities of dating culture, each girl has her own expectations of man, and if this man will correspond to them, he has the chance to build a strong relationship.

  • Visit the places where you can talk more. Don’t invite the potential girlfriend to a nightclub, theater, or cinema. The first date is the chance to learn more about each other, so the evening in a coffee house is an ideal variant.
  • Be natural. Posed behavior is evident, and it’ll turn off the girl. Don’t try to seem better than you are; you just waste the time of the girl and your time as well.
  • Don’t offer her alcohol. Most of the Macedonian women lead a healthy lifestyle and don’t drink alcohol at all. But, at the same time, lying that you’re also against alcohol to make her like you is senseless. Sooner or later, she’ll know the truth and will be disappointed.
  • Dress appropriately. Macedonia girls like to look stunning, and your task is to try to match her. You shouldn’t wear the suit and bow tie, of course, but choosing a stylish casual look is a safe variant.
  • Treat the girl like a princess. If your intentions are serious, you should do your best to prove it to her. Be the real gentleman, that strong man she’s looking for. Nice compliments and small gestures of courtesy and care will surely help to win her heart.

The Verdict

If your local ladies don't impress you, don't fall into despair. There are no borders and distance for love, especially in the 21st century. Register at a dating website and see amazing Macedonian girls who also try to find love. Remember about their kindness, purity and charming appearance. Don't hesitate to text them, no one of your messages will be ignored. Your love is closer than it seems.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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