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ecuador girls

Even less known are Ecuadorian women to people who date internationally, while the information found online is quite contradictory. So, why do such opposing opinions make it difficult to get an idea of what an Ecuadorian woman is like? There are different factors that contribute to this, some may be obvious, others more complicated.

Why are Ecuadorian Women so Popular?

Ecuadorian women are actually not as popular as those from their neighboring countries of Colombia and Peru, considering that both countries have more areas and tourist attractions. Ecuadorian women are also less concerned about their appearance than other Latinas. Therefore, they are not obsessed with fashion and are more likely to wear t-shirts, sneakers, and jeans on any given day or occasion. This means that Ecuadorian ladies do not dress up just to go buy something at the nearby store, and the country’s streets do not look like runways. Additionally, this makes the country a great place to meet down-to-earth, respectful Ecuadorian girls who are not self-obsessed. However, the most beautiful girls in Ecuador can be arrogant and eccentric, as they are spoiled and feel privileged for being popular and sought after. These Ecuadorian beauty icons are mostly white, but some also have chocolate skin and are beautiful. In fact, white skin and Caucasian features are adored by both men and women in this country. As for the popularity of Ecuadorian girls, it mostly refers to those from the capital and other large cities of the country, and it’s a double issue. On one hand, it makes them appear as attractive as other Latinas, only more difficult to get and more prone to play hot and cold games. On the other hand, it does no good to the reputation of Ecuadorian women in general, sparking debates among foreign men. Some label them as ‘easy’, ‘gringo hunters’, and ‘gold diggers’. Some claim that Ecuadorian girls are too traditional and conservative, reserved or shy, and plain-looking. The truth lies somewhere in the middle, and definitely in the eye of the beholder. But it turns out that many men are looking for beautiful Ecuadorian women in the wrong places or with incongruent expectations. Basically, this means that the girls you meet in nightclubs are not relationship material, and if you’re looking for a short fling, don’t just expect to wander around the streets of Ecuador and find many options. Online dating platforms have become more effective alternatives that help avoid such situations. You can find girls genuinely interested in dating a foreigner, as well as Ecuadorian women for marriage. Keep in mind that when some guys pick up Ecuadorian girls in bars and judge all the women in the country by their behavior, this is just their limited experience.

Why Do Ecuadorian Mail Order Brides Seek a Foreign Husband?

The most popular reasons that make Ecuadorian women want to date foreigners are as follows:

1. The environment. The way of speaking, dressing, and behaving of Western men makes Ecuadorian brides admire them a lot. They love the style, the way of speaking, and the character of foreigners, as they tend to be less noisy and bad-tempered than the locals. Therefore, if you want to have a wife who loves everything about you, an Ecuadorian bride is the perfect partner.

2. Common values. As most Ecuadorian girls are religious, they look for foreign Catholic men to share their life with all the joys and sorrows. They greatly appreciate family ties, believe in God, and are good mothers and wives. What more could one wish for in a woman?

3. Their attitude towards women. Ecuadorian brides adore the way Western men treat their girlfriends and wish to have the same attitude towards them. They dream of a caring, reliable, and responsible partner who protects them from harm. If this is about you, do not hesitate to start dating an Ecuadorian.

ecuador brides

What are Ecuadorian Brides Like?

The skin color of Ecuadorian brides can range from fair to very dark, but it is usually brown. Most Ecuadorian women have the classic hourglass body shape that is the gold standard of beauty in many countries. If you admire typical Latinas with curves, you will appreciate the selection of attractive Ecuadorian ladies, as well as the temperament of Ecuadorian brides, which is different from other Latinas. They are kind, attentive, affectionate, supportive, and devoted, and as Ecuador is a family-oriented culture, they prioritize their family relationships. Girls in Ecuador are good at cooking and learn all the necessary skills to manage household chores from an early age, helping in the kitchen, cleaning the house, and taking care of siblings. In Ecuador, food is always an important part of family and social gatherings, including the traditional large family meals on Sundays and colorful food festivals.

Ecuadorian women are not demanding, bossy, or obsessed with money goals and selfish ambitions. They do not have the professional and competitive mindset of many Western women who try to earn more money or prove they can do it better than men. Many Ecuadorian girls are conservative and religious, with Catholic values being important in their traditional upbringing. Getting married is an essential part of this, along with forming a family quite early. Most Ecuadorian girls take their relationships and partners very seriously. It is also a cultural norm for them to become faithful and loving wives, but unfortunately, the same standards are not always true for men. It would be natural for Ecuadorian wives or any other woman who takes marital fidelity seriously to envision the same fidelity and respect in return. But here’s the paradox: in a culture that places so much value on family, it is common for married men to have affairs without even seeing anything wrong in it. This infidelity passed down from generation to generation makes many girls despair of marrying local men, as they might see their mothers end the marriage in divorce, or suffer if they decide to stay. In short: as Ecuadorian men are not reliable, regardless of their age or status, they are not relationship material and are not good husbands. That’s why in Ecuador, girls are generally interested in foreigners (not for money or citizenship of other countries), and some Ecuadorian women even idealize them, associating foreign men with trust, financial security, and stability in marriage. In a nutshell, Ecuadorian women are happy in the role of loving wives and mothers, as long as their partners also take their role as husbands, providers, and fathers seriously.

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Where Can You Meet Ecuadorian Brides?

If you plan to visit Ecuador, you can meet some kind and well-mannered girls in family restaurants, cafes, or shops. It’s common for young people to help with the family business. You can meet Ecuadorian women in different public places or at cultural and social gatherings. However, this type of communication is quite complicated and takes some time before these girls open up to you. Therefore, instead of relying on chance encounters or Tinder, it’s better to handle the more “difficult” part of communication online, especially if you don’t speak Spanish (many online dating platforms have translation services). This way, you can secure some dates before arriving in Ecuador and discern which girls are more interested in your money compared to those looking for lasting relationships.

ecuador women

How to Find a Reliable Ecuadorian Dating Website?

Just like with women from any country you might be interested in, dating websites should not be chosen or judged based on their appearance. A reliable Ecuadorian dating site should be a well-established service with a solid reputation and positive customer feedback. Therefore, consider choosing based on user reviews and don’t skip the terms and conditions part. They usually set out the security measures and technologies used to protect your personal data. Last but not least, compare the monthly subscription fees among different dating websites and the features they include. If you can take a look at the features for free, this can help you see if you are comfortable with how they operate. Meeting Ecuadorian singles is easy today and very convenient with online dating services and message translation options.

3 Tips for Dating an Ecuadorian Girl

  1. Ecuadorian women tend to value family relationships, so they are less willing to move to another country. Many of them seem to be content where they are and with what they have, and they won’t impose high expectations on you.
  2. Instead of the kind of “fast-paced” lifestyle that many Westerners are accustomed to, Ecuadorians have the so-called “mañana” attitude: things get done when they get done, and family always comes first.
  3. If you ever thought that the word ‘macho’ had a positive meaning, forget it. In Ecuador, it turns into machismo, a disrespectful attitude towards women primarily manifested through verbal abuse, intimidation, and violence. This is exactly what makes Ecuadorian women shy away from locals and seek foreign men who show more respect towards ladies, and this is exactly why being a gentleman is your best bet.

The Verdict

If you believe in traditional family values and that women should be feminine, caring, loving, and supportive, you don't have to lament that women are no longer as good, or look for them among indigenous tribes. However, the modern descendants of indigenous tribes might be the kind of marriage material that would be hard to find elsewhere. Ecuadorian women seek commitment, love, and respect, so they can be happy as wives and mothers.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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