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Why are Taiwanese Mail Order Brides so Popular?

There are many reasons why western men search for Taiwanese brides:

  • Taiwan is the most hospitable state, according to Forbes. The Taiwanese culture circles around hospitality and unity. Man is a friend to a man. If you decide to date a Taiwanese girl, her family will welcome you with ultimate generosity and care. Also, it is easy to meet friends in Taiwan. The people are incredibly friendly in general.
  • Taiwan women like travelling. Taiwan is a small, highly-urbanized and populous island. The total population of Taiwan reached 23.7 million in 2018. Because of that, the people of Taiwan feel claustrophobic. They want more space, therefore, travel around the world. Taiwanese women will prefer men who can show them the world.

What are Taiwanese Brides Like?


Taiwanese girls are the most beautiful among oriental brides. They have child-like faces, smooth, flawless skin, and thick black hair. Their genetics is unique since they remain cute and fresh, even if they are way over 40. Lure Hsu, a Taiwanese cricketer, has become famous due to her incredibly youthful look. She is 45, but she looks like she is slightly over 20. Most of the Taiwan brides approach their look carefully. They look sporty and slim, with tempting fit curves.

Seek Equal Relationship

Taiwan is a wealthy country. The average GDP per capita reaches $55,244. That is why Taiwanese girls will look for an equal partner in the first place. They aim at a stable career and wealth. Although they are good at doing housework, they would prefer sharing these responsibilities with their partner. They love saving money and seek men with equal ambitions.

Loving and Devoted

If she chooses you as her partner, she will love you with passion and devotion. Taiwanese women treat relationships seriously. Most of them are interested in a romance that will result in a life-lasting marriage. That is why you can rely on her and be sure she will not compromise you.

Educated and Understanding

Most of them learn English in schools and universities. Also, women reside in 5 political parties in Taiwan. They hold 43 seats in parliament. Taiwanese girls are not only educated but also incredibly smart. They reasonably and thoughtfully manage their finances as well. A Taiwanese woman will give you advice if anything wrong happens. taiwan women

Where you can meet single Taiwanese ladies?

It is easy to find Taiwan mail order brides online. Online dating is incredibly popular among Asian girls, including those from Taiwan. You can find them on international dating websites. These platforms offer communication between western men and oriental brides, including Taiwanese ones. Besides that, you can set Taiwan exclusively in search settings. You can also reach niche platforms where you can meet Taiwanese women only. Men can browse thousands of women profiles and get in touch with any girl they consider appealing. However, usually, the platforms limit communication for free users. To get maximum benefit, you need to upgrade the membership on a particular website. The sites often set affordable prices. The audience on most dating platforms is diverse. You can meet women from 18 to 50 who are interested not only in dating and marriage but also in friendship and chatting only. If you seek marriage, you can visit numerous marriage agencies focused on Taiwanese women. The difference between dating agencies and dating platforms are the following:

  1. The agency provides more support for the client. You will get personal consultants and match-making agents. They will consult you on a certain woman if you order this kind of service, give you advice on dating, etc. They will recommend you to other women, increasing your chances.
  2. The agency organizes appointments. If a Taiwanese girl does not speak English, the agency can provide an interpreter to help you communicate with your partner.
  3. Using a marriage agency requires a lot of money. The agency is for wealthy men who can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on marriage services.
  4. Women want marriage. They prefer wealthy men who have everything needed for a successful family.

That is why you should decide on your goals and consider your financial capacity. If you are over 40, have a decent career, and the only thing you want to make your life complete is a caring wife, you should consider marriage agencies.

How to find a Reliable Taiwanese Dating Website?

Both marriage agencies and dating websites are useful for meeting your soulmate in Taiwan. On the other hand, they are like that if you get to the high-quality, reliable platform. It requires some research. Follow these steps to choose a reliable dating platform:

  • Always read the terms of use. It will help you avoid trouble. The statements about payments, refunds, privacy, security, and fraud are vital. A reliable website keeps user data private. It applies anti-fraud measures to ensure their users are safe. The safety policy should be clear and understandable.
  • Check the reviews. A trustworthy website always has positive feedback and minimum complaints. However, be careful of fake user reviews. These posts usually contain generalized information that is not directly related to a particular website.
  • Check whether the website uses anti-malware tech. A dating platform should be free of viruses to provide safe communication between users.
  • Check for how long the site works. The long-lasting platforms are the most successful and thus reliable. Fraudulent websites do not last for long because they quickly gain a bad reputation and then decay.

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Safety Tips for Using a Dating Website

The website of your choosing can be the best in the niche. However, no site can warrant you 100% safety. That is why you should be careful about what you do on the platform. Follow these steps to protect yourself against fraud:

  • Never share sensitive information with users on the platform. Do not include any financial info on your profile page.
  • Never send money to mail order brides unless you meet them in real life. They can ask you for money on education, surgery, etc. If you cannot check their claims, you should not risk your funds.
  • Ask girls for photos in different environments. It will help you make sure you chat with a real person.
  • Tell your friends and relatives about the exact place where you are going to meet your bride.
taiwanese women

10 Tips on Dating a Taiwanese Girl

You start dating online. It means that girls will evaluate you while observing your dating profile. That is why you should pay a lot of attention to it. Here are the recommendations that will make your profile work for you.

Tips on your Profile

  • Make it look appealing. Your dating profile should represent the best of you. Upload high-quality photos of yourself. You should also try to take pictures in different situations and environments so that nobody will doubt your identity. 90% of all users prefer profiles with multiple high-quality images.
  • Fill out the questionnaires. Identify your interests, hobbies, occupation, marital status, etc. It will help you rank higher, and more girls will find your profile in their recommendations.
  • Fill out the self-description forms. Write about your dating expectations, the kind of person you want to meet and your views on relationships.

Ultimate Dating Tips

  • Her family should like you. Like all Asians, Taiwanese girls have close ties with their families. It is okay for them that their parents give them advice on partners. Her parents may even decide who she should or should not date. That is why, if her mother likes you, it will be a great advantage for you. Be a gentleman; respect her parents.
  • Show that you are serious about her. Show that you have far-reaching plans. It touches her and your life. Taiwanese girls like ambitious men. If you work hard to make your future prosperous, she will be pleased.
  • Be polite and amiable. It is okay if you pay for entertainment and food. Also, restaurants are the best places to have a chat with a Taiwanese girl. These women love delicacies.
  • Show that you are interested in her personality. Love her for the person she is, not only for her appearance.
  • Respect her. Mutual respect is what bonds any relationship.
  • Give her more freedom. Asian society still imposes several restrictions on women that result in gender inequality. If a Taiwanese woman decides to date a foreigner, she will expect him to be supportive and sensible. She does not want to be a doll-like wife decorating your house.
  • Offer her a trip to a resort. She will be excited about the opportunity to go somewhere.

The Verdict

Briefly about Taiwanese brides: They prefer foreigners; They are incredibly cute; They prefer ambitious men who value career; They are independent. You can meet these wonderful girls on numerous dating websites focused on Asian women. They become perfect, supportive, and loving partners. To win your Taiwanese beauty’s heart, you need to be supportive, polite, honest, generous and get along with her family. Good luck in finding your soulmate!

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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