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Why are Icelandic Mail Order Brides so Popular?

Exceptional outer beauty

Icelandic women are the most charming embodiment of Nordic-type beauty that you could imagine. They have straight blond hair, subtle facial features, and deep grey or blue eyes. Their bodies are slender and fit, they have long legs and possess good physical shape. Thus if you look for perfect appearance first, you will never regret having in Icelandic bride by your side.

Absence of gender roles division

Living in harsh conditions of nature impacted the lifestyle of Icelandic population. Long nights and mostly cold weather taught people to stay strong physically and emotionally. Women of Iceland used to protect their homes from all dangers since ancient times when their men went to the other lands to fight and rob. Since that time Icelandic ladies came to know how to keep the house warm, raise kids and lead the family on their own. Now there is complete equality between men and women in Iceland. They work the same amount of time and receive almost the same level of salaries. Legislation of the state targets both women and men so that both genders have opportunities for growth and development.

Ability to manage all spheres of life

Modern Icelandic girls know how to take responsibility for their lives and organize them. They are not the type of women who are looking for total men’s protection and support. They strive to be self-sufficient and mature that’s why they are the best partners for those who want their relationship to be based on equality, mutual support, and understanding. In Iceland, girls are fond of the feminism movement that took them where they are now but you should not worry about them being men haters. Instead, they are just able to live on their own and will not have their life broken in case something happens to their husbands.

Orientation on building up a family

By now you might have thought that in Iceland brides are so detached that they don’t need husbands to live with but that’s not true. Local girls are family-oriented and want to create it with a man who they love and respect. Family values are not just words for the Icelandic people despite the fact the official marriages are not very popular across the nation. In case a couple that has kids decides to split up, they keep caring about them together, e.g. a kid starts living in two houses: one week with their mother and next week with their father. Loving kids is natural for Icelandic ladies, therefore you will hardly ever find a girl who doesn’t like kids here. Moreover, they bring them up with ease and pleasure. Would you wish for more in a woman? icelandic women

Why Are Icelandic Mail Order Brides Looking for A Foreign Husband?

If you ask yourself, ‘will an Icelandic girl consider dating a guy from mainland Europe or North America?’, the answer is yes, because Icelandic women are incredibly intelligent, independent, and open-minded. They believe nationality does not matter much when it comes to dating. They are free from prejudice and start a relationship with guys from other countries without hesitation. In fact, they are eager to get familiar with different cultures and people. For this, Icelandic girls register on dating websites since it is the most convenient way to get in touch with thousands of people from all corners of the world at a time. That is why, if you are an American or Western European guy, you will date an Icelandic girl with no trouble.

What are Icelandic Brides Like

They respect the planet they live on

In Iceland, women know how to appreciate the nature of our planet. This country is a land of cold sea, black sand beaches, and harsh weather. Living in a place where nights are long and the sun shines rarely is not easy. But still, local people love the place where they live and put much attention to preserving nature the way it is.

They are optimistic

Despite the hard conditions of living, Icelandic brides have the most positive attitude towards the world that one can imagine. They are very hopeful for the future and energetic about their present. Be it caring about family or making a career, ladies in Iceland do everything enthusiastically and infect others with their optimistic vibe. Therefore, if you want to have a partner who can cheer you up every day, choose an Icelandic girl for a relationship.

They are not dating in its traditional meaning of the word

Your image of dating may be changed once you meet an Icelandic girl. You are most likely to meet at the bar or in the club or through social media and then you’ll never know how your relationship will develop. If she likes you, you may have a one-night stand right after you’ve met but if she doesn’t, you will know it right away. Once you stay for the night, you may never meet again or start living together. As you see, local women are very liberal when it comes to new acquaintances, that’s why you should not plan a lot.

They are smart

Not only in terms of education and their field of expertise they are clever but also in knowing what they want. Icelandic women know their life goals and work hard to achieve them. They are persistent when they are striving for receiving a promotion at work or getting high grades in university. So if you’d like to have a partner who knows what they want, an Icelandic woman will be a fit for you.

They are hard-working

In Iceland, people and women in particular are not waiting for everyone to come and give them what they want. From a young age, girls are taught to work if they want to get something. Putting an effort into everything you do is appreciated much in Iceland and thus an Icelandic bride would not be lazy even when she achieves everything she wants.

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Where you can meet single Icelandic ladies?

If you happen to live in Iceland, the most popular destination for meeting a girlfriend is a bar. But if you live far from this country and don’t intend to travel soon, you have to try dating Icelandic ladies online. A few platforms provide such an opportunity for men all over the world, so don’t lose it and feel free to try it out. Before you register on any website, read the next section carefully to avoid scammers.

How to find a Reliable Icelandic Dating Website?

iceland brides
  • Read reviews. Once you’ve found any website proposing dating online, find independent reviews. Don’t rely much on the testimonials put on the service since you will hardly find anything critical there. Instead, try to find reviews on other web-resources and analyze them.
  • Ask a piece of advice. If either of your friends happen to date an Icelandic woman online, ask him a bit of advice regarding the dating website. Thus you will get a real review that you can trust for sure.
  • Check what they offer before registering. Don’t rush to register if you don’t know exactly what the service offers. Check the means of communication that are available to you, their prices, how to use them, etc. and then decide whether you trust the website or not. In case there are no video calls or voice communication, you can become a victim of scammers who have no real girls registered on their website.
  • Contact Support if you have not found an issue of your interest in the FAQ. FAQ can give a lot of information presented shortly to new users but if you cannot find what you’re looking for, call the Support Team. No Support? Leave the site and don’t visit it anymore.
  • Read terms of use before agreeing to them. This section contains important information regarding the payment methods and what the service will do in controversial situations, so don’t overlook reading it. If you do, you may lose your money without the possibility of getting them back.

Tips on Dating an Icelandic Girl

There are a few more points for you to consider when you just met an Icelandic lady. Keep in mind them when going on your first dates.

  • Be honest. There is no need to pretend to be the person you are not. As we told you earlier, Icelandic girls are smart, so they will notice that you are not sincere with them. If you want your relationship to last longer, be the first to be genuine.
  • Be positive. Being boring or pessimistic will not take you anywhere. Icelandic girls can cheer you up but they aren’t your mom to listen to your troubles.
  • Listen to her. The first date is the time to let her express herself and for you to understand whether you like to communicate with her. Keep a friendly tone of the conversation, don’t try to impress her with a lot of compliments, and talk like you do as if you were talking to your old friend.
  • Don’t rush. Even if you met on Tinder, don’t rush to get into her bed. Get to know each other first and then proceed to make your relationship closer: trust us, this approach is wiser than texting her you want to hook up as fast as possible.

The Verdict

So, we have revealed all the truth we know about Icelandic girls. Now it’s your turn to take action and meet a lady from Iceland online. So be bold, chin up, and meet your destiny in one of online dating services.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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