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Korean mail order brides can bring joy and happiness into your life. They are passionate lovers and faithful partners. Not to miss your chance to be the happiest man, discover a great deal about their bridal features.

Who Are These Stunning Korean Women?

korean girls

Foreign men don’t know much about South Korean women. There is an air of mystery about their personalities. Being raised in a deeply conservative environment, they have their appearance, behavior, and world perception determined by Eastern culture. No need to say that it is totally different from the Western one. So, when you meet Korean women for the first time, you feel like seeing an alien.

As a result of urbanization, South Korea has become more open to the world. Local beauties are now buying international brands, watching Hollywood movies, and listening to foreign music. These things demonstrate a direct impact on their lives. Having a good comprehension of modern trends, hot Korean girls manage to mix them with Eastern traditions masterfully. They are not as shy as they used to be ten years ago. Now, they know how to demonstrate their feminine charms skillfully to attract men.

Why Are Korean Girls Looking for Foreigners?

South Korea has become one of the most developed countries in the world. So, an average Korean woman has everything to lead a fulfilling life there. Nevertheless, she often has to look for a husband abroad. In fact, international marriages make up more than 9% of all marriages in the country. Why is it the case?

Korean men are workaholics who don’t care about romance. They usually tie the knot to get the social status that could contribute to their work promotion. Meanwhile, Korean women want to love and, more importantly, they want to be loved. Once they become completely disappointed with Korean men, they start looking out of the box. They become rightfully convinced that they can find what they need in Western countries. They know that foreign men also work hard to support their families, but they don’t exclude love and passion from their lives. Thus, they always find time for their wives and children. This is why Korean brides are interested in marrying foreigners.

korean brides

Korean Women’s Characteristics

There are thousands of men all over the world who cannot wait to find a perfect Korean bride. Here is what makes them so appealing to foreigners:

  • They have exceptional features. If you like delicate Asian beauty, you can find it in South Korea. Local women have set a new standard of beauty that women around the world are trying to follow. Average Korean girls have porcelain skin, thin lips, rosy cheeks, and expressive eyes. They are naturally slim and not very tall. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Korean women don’t change for decades, which means that they always look younger than they actually are. Even at the age of 40 or 50 they look quite young.
  • They are independent. Korean girls are very independent in what they are saying and how they are behaving. Whether it comes to work or studies, they rarely ask someone for help. They are smart and ambitious enough to achieve the desired result on their own. No matter what kind of challenge they have to overcome, their intelligence usually helps them with it. They may seem too self-confident, but they are just goal-oriented. In South Korea, women are very tactful, disciplined, and hard-working. They don’t need a man to support them financially or to make them feel complete. Thus, you should be ready to see your Korean wife taking the leading position at work.
  • They are humble and respectful. Korean women demonstrate utter respect for everyone. Moreover, they are ready to accept the man as the leader of the family. They understand the importance of having a strong man by their side. And they won’t be competing with you for the leading position in your marriage life. At the same time, they expect the same kind of respect from you.
  • They care about your needs. Korean girls view a romantic relationship between a man and a woman as a relationship between two equal partners. People who are in love should support each other even in the most challenging situations. If you consider Korean women dating, you should be ready to have the most loyal and supportive partner. Your Asian beauty will never force you to do something you don’t want to. Instead, she will make sure that you feel comfortable and happy while staying in her arms.

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Korean Woman’s Potential of Becoming an Excellent Wife

Before marrying a hot Korean girl, you should realize the differences between the Western and Eastern mentality. Nevertheless, many men want to spend their life with a porcelain doll from South Korea. After all, local beauties have a real potential of becoming excellent wives. Here is why:

  • Family is everything to them. Average Korean girls have a lot on their plate. But family remains their life priority. They understand that their parents, husbands, and children count on them, and they will always do their best to be there despite any other commitments.
  • They like to share everything. To Korean mail order wives, marriage is all about sharing everything with their partners. Being as transparent as an open book, they are always honest to people. By the end of the day, all they want is to spend some time cuddling with their beloved partners.
  • They care for their partners. As soon as Korean women find a perfect match, they start revealing all their best qualities to them. Whether it comes to a candlelight dinner or a romantic trip, they want to make their partner happy no matter what. In fact, they usually manage to achieve the desired result.

Where to Meet Korean Girls

korean women

South Korea has become a popular tourist destination in Asia. While visiting the country, you can kill two birds with one stone. You will explore local innovations and meet hot Korean women at the same time. If you don’t have time or money for a short-term journey to South Korea though, you should try an alternative solution, which is online dating. Korean women have already discovered international sites where people from different countries can meet each other. So, you just need to find a well-trusted dating platform where you can proceed with your love search. Some dating websites set a special focus on Korean girls by offering a wide range of matching options to simplify their searching procedure.

Before you go any further, you may also try to find some Korean girls in your city. For example, there are many Korean people living in the United States and Western Europe. Just look around: you might find a nice Korean beauty living next door. Or you might have a friend who knows one.

Tips for Dating a Korean Woman

Dating culture in South Korea is quite different from your dating experience in Western countries. So, you will surely make some mistakes along the way. To make them less dramatic, you should check the following dating tips:

  • Don’t try to seem better than you are. Hot South Korean women may seem slightly naive, but they actually have a realistic view of the surrounding world. So, if you try to make them think you are younger, smarter, or wealthier than you really are — they will notice it on the very first date. No need to say what kind of consequences this may lead to.
  • Make sure to lead an active life. Young Korean girls are quite active. When they have free time, they don’t like staying at home. Instead, they meet with friends, go to the cinema, eat ice-cream at the café, or anything else that they enjoy. You should be ready to enjoy those things with them.
  • Compliment her appearance. When you start dating Korean girls, you should remind them how beautiful they are as often as possible. Local girls invest more time and money into their appearance than most women in the world. So, you should make them understand that their efforts do make sense.
  • Keep the situation under control. Although Korean women are strong and independent, they still want someone to take care of them. This is why they are looking for a man who can make serious decisions and keep the situation under control. In other words, you should take the lead in your relationship.
  • Weekend dates are preferable. Korean women are some of the most hard-working females in the world. They work more than 50 hours per week. So, they don’t always have enough energy for a great date during the week. Before your relationship gets more intimate, make sure to use weekends for dating adventures!

How to Tell if a Korean Girl Likes You?

Beautiful Korean women are subservient by their nature. When they love and care for someone, they make sure this person is happy at all times. If your Korean girl shows you the highest respect, love, and care, you can be sure that she is falling for you.

The Verdict

Thanks to a totally different “vibe,” Korean women seem to come from a different world. Their personalities are filled with mystery that many foreigners are trying to unveil. Now that you know everything about these Asian beauties, you can let one of them bring joy and happiness into your life. But before you proceed with your search for a Korean mail order bride, make sure to follow the rules written above. And don’t forget to be yourself!


Do Korean Girls Like American Men?

Yes, they do. When they get desperate to find a husband among local men, they start considering foreigners as potential candidates for their hearts. Whether it will be an American, French, or German man, it’s not so important for them.

Do Korean Women Speak English?

Yes, English is widely taught and used in South Korea as the leading foreign language. A typical Korean girl knows English well enough to understand you and let you easily understand her.

What Is the Best Site To Meet Korean Brides?

While the variety of dating sites is immense, the number of trustworthy options is quite limited. This is why you should consider using InternationalCupid, Zoosk, and as the most reliable platforms to find single Korean women online.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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