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Why are Syrian Mail Order Brides so Popular?

There are plenty of reasons why men choose Syrian ladies. First of all, Syria is an exotic country for a western man. We all want to try something new, thus search for a soulmate from another state. Here are a few more reasons why men wish to win a Syrian girl’s heart.

Religion Forms Syrian Women’s Personality

People of Syria practice Islam. More than 70% of the whole population adhere to Muslim. They deeply honor their faith. Although there is a stereotype that Islam is a fierce and aggressive religion, the average people of Syria are well-educated, moral, and peaceful. The essential commandment of Islam is love for Allah and your neighbors. The ancient religion formed the core values of Syrian culture:

  1. Sincerity. Syrian people are honest and express their true feelings. They appreciate honesty in other people and deeply respect those who are equally frank with themselves and other people.
  2. Respect and tolerance. Syrians respect each other, as well as people of a different nationality.
  3. Altruism. Syrians will always give each other a helping hand.
  4. Generosity and hospitality. Syrians share their possessions with others and welcome people with warmness, care, and respect.

Syrian women grow in this environment possessing all these noble traits and perceiving the world through the norms and values of their faith.

Syrian Gender Roles and Marriage Customs

Syria is a country where people adhere to traditional gender roles. A man is a leader of the family. He makes decisions, takes care of his wife and children. He is the one to make money and maintain the wellness of the family. Society even sometimes prohibits Syrian wives from having a job. They are supposed to nurture children, do the household chores, and take care of the older family members. People of Syria approach family and marriage very seriously. Before the wedding, the partners are always engaged and blessed in the church. Parents play a significant role when it comes to partners. If you live in a Muslim country, your parents, in most cases, evaluate your soulmate and decide whether he or she is worth you. If a woman of another nationality and religion chooses to marry a Syrian man, she has to adopt his faith.

Syrian Women Wish for Western Wen

Syrian women seek a relationship in other countries due to several factors:

  1. With the growing popularity of feminism and women’s rights, many Syrian women started thinking in a modern way so that they want more freedom. A Syrian bride has fewer rights than a Syrian man. For instance, faith does not allow women to marry non-Muslim men. Sure, not every Syrian family adheres to such norms so diligently to ban women from making contact with foreigners. However, many families do. That’s why women started seeking more freedom that they can gain while traveling abroad with a western-culture husband.
  2. The only way Syrian singles can meet western men is with the help of dating websites.
  3. Syria is torn apart by war. Nowadays, a stream of refugees migrated to escape the horrors of war. It makes women seek a man who can provide her with better living conditions.
syrian wife

Why Are Syrian Mail Order Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

Such question may arise if you do not know much about Syrian women and the situation that has been going on for the last decade in their country. From 2011, Syria has been in a civil war that exhausted its people and resources pretty much. Thousands of Syrian refugees have been running away from their homes to save their families. A lot of them have lost their fathers, uncles, brothers, and sons in this conflict. Hence, the main reason why Syrian women would like to date foreigners is the strive for a peaceful life. They hence look for the men who will protect them from the fear they have been living in for long years. They need husbands who will embrace them with their love, care, and support. So if it sounds like you, feel free to meet Syrian mail order brides.

What are Syrian Brides Like

Here are several reasons why Syrian brides for marriage are the best in Asia. Here are the features that make them so desirable and unique:

Astonishingly Beautiful

Syrian girls are indeed princesses from the Arabic fairy tales. They have very gentle facial features, beautiful almond eyes, and luxuriant long black hair. Their curvy bodies look very feminine as well with thin waists, fleshy hips, and wells-shaped full breasts. Syrian girls approach their appearance carefully. And if they use make-up, it looks very natural.

Modest and Obedient

No European woman can compete with Syrian brides in this sense. Every Syrian girl is incredibly patient with her father, brothers, and other men surrounding her. These women are taught to obey men in every aspect of their lives. They follow strict moral values that prohibit argument against men. If you fall in love with the Syrian woman, she will treat you as the ultimate being.

Loving, Devoted and Honest

Asian women from Syria love their partners with passion and devotion. They never lie to their husbands or cheat them. It is a big disgrace for a Syrian wife to be divorced.

Good Wives

They feel comfortable when it comes to taking care of children, making food, and keeping the house clean and warm. Syrian brides are family-oriented. That is why they do their best to please their men. If you dream of the perfect wife, a Syrian one will make your dream come true.

Where you can meet single Syrian ladies?

There are lots of places on the internet where you can meet single Syrian brides for marriage. You can choose from hundreds of online dating websites that accept women from Syria. You can also find dedicated services for western men where the female audience is exclusively Syrian. On these websites, you need to create a profile, fill it appropriately, and make contacts with Syrian brides online.

  1. Some of these services are free of charge. But usually, you need to pay a monthly commission for using the site. Most of the websites have a flexible pricing policy so that you can purchase the membership using multiple payment methods.
  2. The women on these websites are diverse in terms of their goals. Some seek a friendship, some are interested in chatting only, and some search for a husband.
  3. There are international marriage agencies. Usually, they focus on particular kinds of women, for instance, Russian, Polish, or Chinese brides. There are plenty of Syrian-focused marriage agencies as well.
  4. These companies propose marriage. It means you take less effort to find a Syrian mail order bride. Instead, you will be provided with marriage agents, customer support staff, and translators helping you find your soulmate.
  5. A marriage agency will charge a much higher commission for the provided services. The prices vary as well.
  6. It is up to what kind of service to choose. If you can distinguish a good, reputable website, both types of service are equally effective. Check the tips to choose a trustworthy site below.

Website of the day:

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How to find a Reliable Syrian Dating Website?

It is relatively easy to find reliable Syrian women dating services. You should only take in mind these tips to protect yourself against scam:

  1. Check the website’s origin. Find out its creation date. The most reliable websites are leaders in the niche and exist for a long time, from 10 to 20 years in general. Fraudulent sites, to the contrary, cannot work for so long because they quickly gain a bad reputation that decreases any possible traffic.
  2. Check the feedback. If there are lots of bad reviews and complaints, it only means you need to avoid such a platform.
  3. Check the terms and conditions of the website you are going to use. It will help you avoid some details that are unacceptable for you.
  4. Find out whether the platform uses a software protection system or not. A good one should use reliable encryption technology for the processed data.
  5. Check the review websites. The dating platform review articles can be incredibly useful since they provide all the information you need like prices, working history, audience, etc.
syrian brides

6 Tips on Dating a Syrian Girl

While dating online, people often underestimate the importance of their profiles. You should approach your profile diligently.

How a dating profile works

A typical dating profile consists of:

  1. A user about-me-description
  2. User photos
  3. A list of personal qualities

These components altogether determine how well you rank on the website, how many girls can find you how many girls will like you. Since you pay money for the site, you should get the maximum benefit from your profile, therefore, follow these recommendations:

  • Make the description as detailed and transparent as possible. Clearly describe your personal qualities and include your expectations for your future partner.
  • Be honest and consistent in every part of your profile.
  • Upload good-quality photos of yourself. Try to show the best version of yourself.
  • Fill in the questionnaires since they help the website’s search algorithms rank you better.

Essential tips on Syrian dating

  • Respect her personality and decisions. Be polite and attentive to her.
  • Respect her traditions and religion — no jokes about Islam, war, etc.
  • Show that you are sincerely interested in her. Be honest and never fool her.
  • Use a translator since a few women in Syria speak English. Also, be patient and never joke about her English.
  • Do not make her hurry. Remember that Syrian mail order brides are conservative — no erotic gestures at the first appointment as well.
  • Respect her family. Her family is the most important thing she has.

The Verdict

The key features of Syrian women for marriage include obedience and patience, incredible beauty, and devotion. Meeting a Syrian single is your chance to become the happiest man ever. Good luck with finding your soulmate!

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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